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Your trust + my customized teaching, Math and Physics and Enineering no longer a challenge, but interesting and meaningful with your unlimited potential. 理工科課程不再是挑戰。

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工程PhD,国内著名高校20+年教学经验,北美4+年中学大学生辅导经验,多伦多大学访问学者,安省机械工程力学分析师,多年的项目研究和教学经验积累, 对理工科知识的关联和应用深入浅出、清晰透彻,了解留学生在北美学习的烦恼和挑战,喜欢和孩子们打交道,对教学充满激情,善于与不同类型的孩子沟通,因材施教,提供个性化的辅导,让枯燥的数学物理由一团乱麻,变成简单有趣的多点辐射,激发学生的兴趣和潜力,让学习变得有趣又富有意义,成绩轻松提高又充满自信。 Engineering PhD, with 20+ years of teaching experience at a well-known Chinese university, 4+ years of experience in tutoring high school and university students in Ontario Canada, visiting scholar at the University of Toronto and a mechanical engineering analyst in Ontario. Tutoring Highlights: • In-depth understanding of the relevant knowledge, connections, and practical applications. Familiar with academic challenges faced by Chinese international students in North America. • Unique teaching approach for science and engineering subjects. Excel in connecting with young learners, demonstrating a passion for teaching, adapting communication to diverse characters and personalities. • Make math and physics learning easy and fun, Personalized tutoring to inspire interest, unlock potential, and boost confidence. Teaching Style: Course content: English textbooks Explanation method: Chinese + English


Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


Chinese, English




Middle School
High School


Sun Yat-sen University

2006 - 2011
Ph.D, Engineering Mechanics

Work Experience

Future Up Education

September 2023 - present
tutoring physics, part time


May 2022 - present
Professional Consultant
tutoring Math, physics, Probability and the Statistics, data analysis, programming(python, C),

Sun Yat-sen University

October 2015 - January 2022
Associate Professor
teaching, tutoring, reasearch, doing projects

Aiolos Engineering Corporation, toronto

May 2013 - September 2015
Mechanical Engineer

University of Toronto

February 2002 - May 2003
Visisting scholar
do reseaching on robotics motion and mechanics, smart material atuation