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As an enthusiastic and dedicated instructor with two years of hands-on experience, I bring a comprehensive approach to education across a variety of critical subjects. My journey in the academic field has allowed me to develop a deep understanding and expertise in Cyber Security, Information Technology (IT), English, and Mathematics. This diverse skill set enables me to offer a rich learning experience that caters to the multifaceted needs of my students. In the realm of Cyber Security, I have guided learners through the complexities of protecting digital assets, understanding cyber threats, and implementing security measures to safeguard information. My instruction covers fundamental principles as well as advanced tactics, preparing students for real-world challenges. Within Information Technology, I focus on both the theoretical and practical aspects of computing systems, software applications, and network administration. My lessons are designed to build a solid foundation in IT principles, alongside hands-on exercises that enhance technical skills and problem-solving abilities. My English teaching experience spans from grammar and composition to critical reading and writing, equipping students with the communication skills essential for academic and professional success. I emphasize clarity, coherence, and creativity in written and oral expression. In Mathematics, I cover a broad spectrum of topics, from basic arithmetic to more complex concepts in algebra, and geometry. My approach is to demystify math, making it accessible and engaging through practical examples and interactive problem-solving. Throughout my teaching career, I have committed to fostering a supportive and stimulating environment where learners feel encouraged to explore, ask questions, and surpass their own expectations. My ultimate goal is to empower students by equipping them with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to excel in their academic pursuits and future careers.


Coupeville, Washington, United States






Middle School
High School



2021 - 2024

Work Experience

US Navy

May 2013 - present
As a dedicated Aviation Maintenance Administrationman (AZ) in the United States Navy, I specialize in managing and performing administrative duties essential to the maintenance and operations of Navy aircraft. My role encompasses a broad spectrum of responsibilities, including maintenance and material management, aircraft and maintenance-related record-keeping, and administrative support for aviation squadrons. Leveraging my extensive knowledge and expertise, I also serve as an instructor for six comprehensive courses, imparting valuable skills and knowledge to personnel. My commitment to excellence and professional development is further underscored by my achievement of the Master Training Specialist (MTS) qualification, recognizing my superior instructional capabilities and understanding of educational methodologies in the military context. Key Responsibilities: Administrative Excellence: Efficiently manage all facets of aviation administration, ensuring meticulous maintenance of logs, service records, and operational reports to uphold the highest standards of aircraft readiness and safety. Instructional Expertise: Design and deliver engaging, informative training sessions across six distinct courses, covering critical aspects of aviation maintenance, safety protocols, and operational procedures. Utilize advanced teaching methodologies to enhance learning outcomes and foster a culture of continuous improvement. Curriculum Development: Collaborate with instructional teams to develop and update training materials, aligning curricula with the latest standards, technological advancements, and operational requirements. Ensure content relevance and accessibility for diverse learning styles. Master Training Specialist: Demonstrate exemplary instructional skills, curriculum development acumen, and a profound understanding of adult learning principles, meriting the prestigious MTS qualification. Serve as a mentor and role model for aspiring instructors, promoting professional growth and excellence within the Navy's educational framework. Performance Evaluation: Conduct comprehensive assessments of trainees' skills and knowledge, providing constructive feedback and personalized coaching to facilitate career progression and operational proficiency. Collaborative Leadership: Work collaboratively with squadron leaders and maintenance teams to identify training needs, optimize workflows, and implement best practices in aviation maintenance and administration.