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John O.

USD $20/hr

Dependable tutor with physics experience

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I only tutor physics, and sometimes the math to go with it. Mostly I tutor AP Physics 1, AP Physics C: Mechanics, AP Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism, High School Physics, Honors Physics, Calculus-based Introductory College Physics, and Algebra / trig –based Introductory College Physics. I also sometimes work with students in AP Physics 2, Honors Physics, Homeschool Physics, and so forth. I taught high school physics for 6 years. In that time, my students earned a statewide reputation for excellence on IB Physics SL and IB Physics HL exams, in spite of taking the IB Physics SL exam at the end of the first year rather than after two years. They also performed well on exams for AP Physics C Mechanics, AP Physics C Electricity and Magnetism, and AP Physics B (a combination of AP Physics 1 and AP Physics 2, more or less). In the final year, they dominated the competitive Drake physics exam, administered to over 1,000 students in four states by Drake University. I also taught high school math in rural Kenya through the Teach for Knowledge program. And I’ve taught English as a Second language online and for one hour as a guest in a junior high school in Uganda. I have a BSC in Physics from South Eastern Kenya University.


Nairobi, Nairobi Area, Kenya


English, Swahili




Middle School
High School


South Eastern Kenya University

2012 - 2016
Bachelor of Sicence, Physics
The mission of the Bachelor of Sciences in Physics degree program is to develop professional physicists by providing majors a comprehensive undergraduate education in classical mechanics, electromagnetism, quantum mechanics, thermal physics/statistical mechanics, and laboratory, data analysis and computational skills.

Work Experience

Kenya National Hospital

April 2018 - present
Developing equipment specifications for radiation therapy treatment, Nuclear Medicine and diagnostic imaging. Developing procedures for the initial and continuing evaluation of radiation therapy treatment, nuclear medicine and diagnostic imaging equipment. Providing evidence of compliance of equipment for radiation therapy treatment, Nuclear Medicine and Diagnostic imaging with regulatory and accreditation agency rules and recommendations. Performing acceptance testing, evaluation and commissioning of equipment used for radiation therapy treatment, Nuclear Medicine and Diagnostic imaging. Approving radiation oncology technical procedures prior to clinical use. Developing and managing a comprehensive Quality Management Program that monitors, evaluates, and optimizes radiation oncology processes. Directing the Radiation Oncology Physics program to include the technical direction of staff responsible for treatment planning, machine maintenance and repair and other physics support staff.