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Omar N.

USD $15/hr

More than five years of experince of teaching Chemistry and Science Materials

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Experienced Chemistry Educator with a Passion for Inspiring Learning As a dedicated chemistry teacher with over 5 years of hands-on experience, I am committed to fostering a deep understanding and appreciation for the world of chemistry among my students. My journey in education has been marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence, innovation, and a genuine enthusiasm for guiding learners on their path to scientific discovery. My teaching philosophy revolves around creating an engaging and dynamic classroom environment that encourages active participation and critical thinking. By employing a variety of teaching methods, including interactive demonstrations, collaborative projects, and real-world applications, I aim to make complex chemical concepts accessible and relatable to students of all levels. Having honed my skills through years of classroom practice, I have developed a knack for tailoring lessons to cater to diverse learning styles and abilities. I am adept at breaking down intricate chemical principles into digestible components, fostering a deeper comprehension and allowing students to build a strong foundation for further scientific exploration.


Karameh, Balqa Governorate, Jordan


English, Arabic




High School


Albalqaa Applied University

2019 - 2022
Master's, Applied Chemistry

Work Experience

Westminster School

September 2022 - present
Chemistry Teacher
IGCSE Chemistry and Biology teacher


September 2019 - July 2022
Chemistry Teacher
Chemistry and Science teacher for grades from 4 to 10