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Experienced STEM & SAT/ACT Prep Tutor (K-12 + Undergrad)

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I graduated from the University of Washington Seattle in 2020 with a 3.8 GPA majoring in Biochemistry. I proceeded to get EMT Certified at North Seattle Community College. I have been tutoring people of all ages since I was 14. My strengths are any type of math up through undergraduate Calculus (full series), Stats, Economics, Algebra and Geometry, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Biology, etc. I have tutored elementary school students in every subject, high schoolers preparing for the SAT / ACT and AP Tests in most every STEM subject, and grown adults working through their pre-requisites for Nursing / Med School. My strongest areas are chemistry, biology, math (algebra, geometry, pre-calc and calculus) and SAT, ACT and NREMT test prep. I got a 2100 / 2400 on the SAT, 31 on the ACT and have helped students in Seattle score even higher. I moved to San Diego this past August and would love to continue to inspire scientific curiosity in students. I thoroughly enjoy the satisfaction of helping students develop not only an understanding for math and science, but an appreciation and motivated curiosity for it as wel. In terms of test prep I have helped students prepare for the PSAT, SAT, NREMT, AP science / math tests, ACT and college finals and midterms.


San Diego, California, United States


English, French




Middle School
High School


University of Washington

2016 - 2020
B.Sc., Biochemistry
I studied biochemistry at UW Seattle with an emphasis in medicine and human physiology. By the time I had graduated I had taken and excelled in the three course series' of gen chem, biology, physics, calculus, O-Chem, biochemistry, economics and physical and inorganic chemistry.