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Catering All grade levels, All ages, All subjects. The U.S. market for private tutoring was $98.15 billion in 2021 and is projected to reach $171.93 billion by the year 2028. Fortune Business Insights reports that the negative impact of the COVID on the education industry was offset by online tutoring. Therefore, online learning is further likely to gain popularity in the post-pandemic period.


Watchung, United States


Spanish, English






Rutgers University

1986 - 1991

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May 2010 - present
Academic Mentor
Luis Freire is a Rutgers University alumnus. Luis mentors composition on an academic level as a prerequisite to advanced study, career objective, or professional development. All levels and categories of literature, research and publishing are supported. Mentoring style is slow paced with sufficient clarity and verve. Online access is available for remote clients and time-sensitive projects can be accommodated. The students I mentor remotely have returned to China for online instruction at home instead of on US campuses during an outbreak. Those online sessions involve critical reading of contemporary articles, in composing a response to a related inquiry, proving the student's perspective through quotation in order to support written analysis of an original argument. The main requirement is to evaluate the student's level of comprehension and prepare them for drafting of analysis. The wider aim being to arrive at a coherent essay spanning several pages with demonstrated proficiency of: word choice, phrasing, paragraph tuning and literary voice. Luis Freire has a decade of experience in English writing and research analysis. The years dedicated to this endeavor indicates the willingness and competence to guide both adolescent and mature students in the rigors of academic study. The level of interest demonstrated in this capacity as a mentor and role model is complemented with a reputation for gaining the trust necessary to tackle complex course assignments in a demeanor characterized as approachable and relatable. The tenacity required to address the needs of students on assignments and examinations is reflected in the decade of consistent attention to milestones and achievement evident in past learning collaboration. The distinctive aspect of the instruction is a high degree of perception directed at both the student and the subject matter. It speaks to the detectable expertise that is applied to each student at every appointment. The foremost objective is determining where the student stands in relationship to the topic. It involves being clear on an idea and its proper place in the writing, an effort that guides the student toward originality rather than merely hiding behind the ideas of others. The next phase of the method revolves around forming a basis for the topic. This is where the student learns to establish credibility by recognizing relevant sources so the student can begin to convince an audience of the validity of the author’s perspective. When implemented correctly it demonstrates how an idea expands through the vision of the author. It can be accomplished by selecting and referencing the narrative behind the character or situation in question. The last emphasis is learning to avoid an overly pretentious or facetious writing style resting on convoluted sentences and complicated jargon that only attempts to impress an audience. It will allow the writer to focus on using a natural writing style that conveys the ideas and thinking pattern of the student. The inner writer that emerges as result of this strategy will lead to a successful writing style that will be sustained in any course or career. Will consider unique requests on a client by client basis. Not sure if this is the right site for you, need more reassuring? Don't hesitate to ask, you will be glad you did!