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Kiarash G.

CAD $15/hr

Medical student at gums

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As a medical student and a skilled tonbak(Persian percussion) player, I possess a unique combination of abilities and experiences that make me an ideal tutor. My expertise in both medicine and music demonstrates my discipline, creativity, and dedication to excellence. My experience as a medical student has equipped me with a deep understanding of the human body and the intricacies of health and disease. MY ability to analyze complex medical concepts and communicate them in a clear and concise manner will undoubtedly be an asset to your student. As a tonbak player, I have honed your musical skills through years of practice and performance. My ability to read and interpret sheet music, improvise, and teach others will allow me to guide my student in developing their own musical talents. My passion for both medicine and music reflects my commitment to personal growth and development. By sharing my knowledge and experience with Ocean, I can help you achieve your own goals and inspire you to reach your full potential. اگه تو مدارس ایرانی درس میخونید و قصد شرکت در کنکور ایران یا بالا بردن نمرتونو دارید به عنوان ۲ درصد برتر کنکور تجربی دانشجوی پزشکی میتونم بهتون کمک کنم.


Rasht, Gilan Province, Iran


Persian, English




Middle School
High School
I want to learn a new hobby


Guilan University of Medical Science

2022 - 2029
MD, General Practitioner