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Experienced College Tutor Specializing in Conflict management, International Human Rights Law and International Relations.

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Kelvin, a master tutor, has more than 5yrs of experience as a private tutor, alongside impeccable educational credentials and numerous commendations and certifications. Kelvin is a consummate master of Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding techniques. His specialties comprise Conflict Management, International Humanitarian Law, International Human Rights Law, and International Security. He also tutors a wide range of standardized tests. For Kelvin, tutoring isn't working; it’s a fulfilling activity he would jump at the chance to do. He likes being a positive influence in students’ life and enjoy using his knowledge to help them succeed in school. He has been academically savvy throughout his life. He is a consistent honors student in high school and college, while consistently active in extracurricular activities.


Mombasa, Mombasa, Kenya


English, Swahili




Middle School
High School


Social Sciences

2011 - 2014
Bachelor of Arts, Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding
The best course I endeavored to pursue.


He is a reliable tutor and i will definitely come back for his services

He is always available and ready to help me with his services. I will refer him to my friends because his work is exemplary
By: Newton

Best tutor ever

He is such an appealing tutor. I had a big problem understanding my courses but since I started working with him everything become unbelievably easier for me. Please consider him coz he is worth every second of your time.
By: Max

Perfect tutor

Extremely awesome tutor,he always keep time and delivers perfect work , always likes working with him
By: Martin

Your go-to tutor

Honestly, he'll get your assignments done in time. Thanks for the quality papers
By: Wisconsin

Excellent tutor

My tutor was very thorough and took careful measures in helping me grasp a concept that i had forgotten.He made me realy think about how i would come up with the answer.I liked how he was straightforwad and to the point.A great tutor that helped me so much ! Thankyou
By: Rose