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Muhammad Kashif I.

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Professional Maths Tutor 10+ years experince

1 hours

Primary Maths

Age group 8 to 9 years with a minimum of 4 hours a month

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1 hours

Elementary Maths

Age group 10 to 11 with a minimum 4 hours a month

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High school Maths

Age group 12 to 13 years with a minimum 4 hours a month

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Secondary School Maths

Age group 14 to 15 with a minimum 4 hours a month

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Greetings, future mathematicians! I'm Muhammad, and for the past decade, I've had the incredible privilege of being your guide on the wondrous journey through the world of numbers. My passion lies in igniting curiosity, building confidence, and ultimately transforming fear into fascination when it comes to mathematics.I have 10 years of online teaching experience building basic concepts of geometry, algebra, trigonometry, and statistics for elementary and middle school students. I've honed my skills in crafting engaging lessons that cater to diverse learning styles. My methodology revolves around breaking down complex ideas into bite-sized, understandable chunks, using real-world examples, and using interactive activities to make learning an active, enjoyable experience. Book my session to have fun learning together. See you soon. Have a good Day. BaByeeeee


Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


Urdu, English, Hindi, Arabic




Middle School
High School


University of Central Punjab

2004 - 2006
Master’s of Business Administration (MBA), Marketing and HR
I completed my degree with bright colors, learning knowledge, and exposure to more than ten professors through physical interaction and ample time at campus. Solved case studies and completed projects

Work Experience

SarKaash Academy

January 2009 - present
Online Maths Tutor
I have been teaching math on campus as well as online for more than a decade with a long list of satisfied students and their families.