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Sam has worked as a teacher and tutor for the GMAT, the GRE, and the Executive Assessment for over 17 years. He has assisted hundreds of students to gain admission in business schools in Canada, the US, and Europe. His students are greatly benefited by his hands-on experience, customized approach, and his dedication to see his students succeed.


Toronto, Ontario, Canada









Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

2006 - 2008

Work Experience

Rotman School of Management

January 2008 - April 2008
Teaching Assistant
Assisted the professors in designing course material to be instructed in the MBA program. Conducted classroom sessions for the assigned courses. Evaluated research papers and assignments of students. Assisted students by holding regular office hours and by providing constructive feedback to improve overall performance in the assigned courses.


Incredible tutor and support!

Over the past few weeks, Sam has been an incredible support and guide throughout the GMAT process. I have always been someone who has struggled in math but he started with the basics and helped me understand even 700 level math problems. Sam is also extremely accommodating. I was studying for the GMAT while working full-time and Sam was always flexible and understanding. My only regret was not finding Sam earlier. Highly recommend!
By: Faith

Sam is a great tutor- highly recommend

I’ve begun studying to prepare for the GMAT exam again after scoring below my target score two years ago trying to review alone. I was unsure at first on how to approach the qualitative and quantitative content, as I haven’t covered many of these topics since high school. I was in need to a tutor to help lay the groundwork for an efficient study plan. I’m pleased to say that Sam has been an excellent tutor in that he is very patient and paces his sessions well to help you understand the content being covered. He will stop at any time during the session to ensure you have an opportunity to ask questions or clarify any examples given. If I was struggling on a particular topic, he would re-adjust the pace of our session to ensure I was ready to move on when I felt more confident in myself. His structure of teaching the basics of a concept before gradually moving up to GMAT exam level questions has helped me prepare far better than by simply practicing questions from guidebooks or websites. Sam assigns homework and study plans to help ensure that you are practicing between sessions. After two months of meeting with Sam online twice a week, I already feel like I’ve progressed significantly more than I did by myself two years ago. I feel more determined to score high on the GMAT exam, and I recommend to anyone seeking help to consult Sam, as his teaching methods are very effective.
By: Brandon

Sam is a wonderful and patient tutor - highly recommen!

I have been working with Sam for a few months and he has been amazing in breaking down the complicated, confusing materials and simplifying them. He focuses on a series of steps that start with the basic fundamentals and through repetition are able to take down 700+ level questions. I worked with a tutor prior to meeting Sam and she was very hard to work with, leaving me feeling frustrated and burnt out. I had to take a 1 month break from studying. Sam has not only improved my abilities for both Verbal and Quant but has restored my confidence in myself when tackling 700 + level questions. If you are looking for a great GMAT tutor who will be patient and understanding of your learning style while preparing you to exceed your goals then Sam is the tutor you need!
By: Simon

Sam is the best tutor - highly recommend

Sam is the best tutor on the market! When I decided to study for the GMAT, I was looking for one on one tutoring that would help me achieve the score I was aiming for while balancing a busy workload. I met with a couple different tutoring companies where none of them impressed me and were very expensive. Fortunately, I came across Sam and discussed my goals with him. Over the next few weeks, we conducted numerous study sessions. During the lessons, it was evident that Sam took his course seriously and had a very successful track record with his clientele. This along with his professionalism, friendliness, positive attitude and passion to help his student succeed, made it clear that he was the right tutor for me. Sam provides you with an effective and efficient framework to successfully prepare for the GMAT. Sam truly cares about his students where he takes the time to learn your strengths and weaknesses and uses them to personalize your study schedule. His teaching style is very adaptive to how well you're grasping the material and he makes sure that you leave each lesson feeling confident about the topics covered. If you’re planning on writing the GMAT, I highly recommend working with Sam to reach your full potential!
By: Kalvin

Would definitely recommend!!!

Sam was great and very helpful. I was in a rush to take the GMAT and thanks to Sam it all worked out. Sam is extremely knowledgeable and had some really good advices.
By: Ambre