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Jenny C.

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TESOL-Certified Professional Teacher | 12+ years of experience!

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Are you ready to speak fluent English? I'm Jenny, and I have helped hundreds of students learn to speak clear, fluent English quickly. I know the tricks to improve your pronunciation, reduce errors while speaking, and increase your confidence. Working together, we will practice speaking about a wide range of interesting topics. I make learning fun, so your English will improve naturally, similar to the way you learned your first language. Activities are designed to encourage speaking, while improving reading, listening and grammar skills. I will help you correct your mistakes, so you can go out into the world and speak confidently, knowing you have the skills to succeed. I am TESOL-certified to teach English as a Second Language. I have a bachelor's degree in Speech Communication & Spanish (double-major.) I have over 20 years' experience in education, with 12+ years specifically teaching English as a Second Language. Teaching ESL is what I do full-time (100% online.) I work with adult students. I teach ESL because it's what I love. I can't wait to meet you, so book a lesson with me, and let's get started!


Henderson, Nevada, United States


English, Spanish






Western Oregon University

1994 - 1999
Bachelor of Arts, Speech Communication & Spanish
Completed bachelor's degree.

Work Experience


January 2003 - present
ESL Teacher
I teach all levels of English as a Second Language (beginning, intermediate, advanced.) I work with adult students, and I teach grammar, reading, listening & speaking, and conversation. I am TESOL-certified.