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Badri Narayanan R.

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SAT Math Intensive Crash Course

Prepare for the SAT math section in just 10 hours with expert instruction, comprehensive content, and proven test-taking strategies.

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After studying for the SAT for years (since the 8th grade), I have an extremely comprehensive experience with the exam and its questions. In my first attempt, I was able to score a 1460 and on the second, I raised that to a 1540 (99th percentile). After this, I felt very confident in my ability to share my knowledge and experiences in mastering the SAT. So, I decided to start tutoring my friends and other students at my local library. I directly worked with 3-4 students at a time and provided them with very useful tips and tricks to rapidly improve their math scores on the SAT. After seeing the improved results of the students I tutored, I became very passionate about tutoring SAT Test prep. In my tutoring lessons, I will start off by understanding students' baseline scores, their goals, and the areas that they wish to improve. During tutoring, I will explain online by going through official SAT Test Prep lesson plans and then go on to explicitly teach them the concepts necessary to answer questions on all sections of the SAT. Focusing on weaknesses and motivating students to continue practicing problems consistently is my specialty and it has gone to improve their SAT scores significantly. I will also provide several resources to find SAT test problems online and practice with real tests as well.


Lansdale, Pennsylvania, United States






High School


University of Pittsburgh

2021 - 2025
B.S., Health Informatics


He was very good at explaining the problems. Really helped me a loy.

He explained how to do the problems very well, he was easy to understand. Helped me very well with my problems.
By: Crystal