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Navpreet B.

CAD $36/hr

Professor of Mathematics. Love teaching Mathematics from Elementary to University Level

50 hours

Pre Calculus

You will excel in all the Mathematics you need to begin serious study of Calculus. Topics include Functions, Quadratics, Trigonometry, Analytic Geometry.

Buy 50 hours
20 hours

Sets Mappings and Basic Topology

After Sets and Mappings, we cover Base, Sub-base, Closure, Interior, Compactness, Connectedness and Products, winding up with the Identification Spaces.

Buy 20 hours
40 hours


We cover all the essential results in a first course in Topology starting from the very basics of Sets and Mappings.

Buy 40 hours
60 hours

Category Theory

This is a first course in Category Theory. Starting from the very basics, we cover results like the Yoneda Lemma, Adjunctions and Monads.

Buy 60 hours

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I have been teaching Mathematics at all levels for the last 23 years. I have a Ph.D. in Topology. and I teach at a University in India. I have also helped and tutored students from Primary to Secondary Schools. Deeply interested in teaching and discussing Mathematics with young school students at their level, as they are our future. I offer 15 minutes free interactive session to all my potential students, to get to know their expectations to enable me to meaningfully assist them in gaining excellent mathematical understanding and skill.


Patiala, Punjab, India


Punjabi, English, Hindi




Middle School
High School


Punjabi University Patiala. India

1998 - 2003
Ph.D., Topology

Work Experience

Punjabi University Patiala, India.

August 2001 - present
Professor of Mathematics
Teaching Graduate Class in Topology and Category Theory. Preparing Curriculum for University and Colleges, Administering Tests to Students and Student Evaluation, Writing Reference Letters for Students. Conducting Interviews and Inspections.


Inspiring Educator

I am incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from such an exceptional teacher throughout my academic journey. From my B.Sc. to M.Sc., and even through my Ph.D. studies, his guidance has been invaluable. His method of teaching, filled with insightful discussions and illustrative instances, makes even the most complex subjects clear and understandable. His teaching sparked my curiosity in topology, and I was so impressed with his teaching that I also adopted his teaching method in my teaching profession. I feel truly blessed to have had such a remarkable teacher who has played a pivotal role in shaping my academic success.
By: Sandeep

The Best best teacher

I feel so blessed to have a teacher like you who not only pushes me towards achieving my goal but also supports me in every step. Dear Sir, thank you for inspiring me every day and helping me become the best version of myself. Your guidance means the world to me. You've made a lasting impact on my life, and I will never forget your kindness and patience. I appreciate you for being selfless, devoted, hardworking, and the wisest person in classroom that made learning fun and exciting. You have also been an incredible mentor and role model for me, and I am so thankful for your guidance. I am grateful to be your student.
By: Nitakshi

Best Teacher

Sir is a person who understands your problem, goes into details, discuss in depth to make you understand the concept with beautiful examples and motivates you to do more.One of the best Teacher of Mathematics.