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Amelia M.

USD $50/hr

CalTech graduate, Software engineer with 30+ years experience. Tutor in C, C++, Java, Linux Bash, assembler (binary bombs), UML.

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I've had the privilege of tutoring more than 300 students, accumulating over 6,000 hours of tutoring experience. Many of my students have expressed their relief at how swiftly I grasp their assignments and provide clear, concise solutions. They often remark that my explanations bring clarity to their tasks almost immediately. Through our collaborative efforts, students not only witness improvements in their coding assignment grades but also see tangible enhancements in their overall comprehension, which is mirrored in their test scores. I have helped students with implementing various data structures and complex coding assignments that make use of data structures. In the c programming language I have helped students create operating system components including shells, memory managers, file systems and task schedulers. I have helped students with codes that make use of threads, forks, sockets, and file systems. In assembler i have defused more binary bombs than probably anyone else. I bring over three decades of professional coding experience to the table. My expertise includes developing software for satellite ground stations, employing a diverse range of programming languages such as C, C++, Java, and assembler. Within the LINUX environment, I've honed my skills using tools like bash, vi, and Eclipse. Furthermore, I am a proficient user of UML, which played a crucial role in our software design processes. Building upon my exceptional math abilities, which were demonstrated through achievements such as earning a flawless 800 on the Math SAT, receiving the Senior Math Award during high school, and securing the highest score on my college calculus finals, I became a proficient computer programmer.


Albuquerque, United States






High School


California Institute of Technology

1976 - 1978
Masters of Science, Electrical Engineering
Gpa: 3.8

Michigan State University

1972 - 1976
Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering
GPA: 3.6

Work Experience

Sandia National Laboratories

January 1983 - December 2011
Principal Member of Technical Staff
Developed software for satellite ground stations using C, C++, Ada, and Java. Software developed in the UNIX environment using various tools including Eclipse, Vi, grep, sed. Used UML for software design. Used a round-trip engineering software tool to maintain agreement between design and implementation.

Jet Propultion Laboratory

August 1980 - December 1982
Member of Techinical Staff
Developed software in Pascal for Spacecraft ground system. Designed and all weather radiometer

Sandia National Laboratories

June 1976 - August 1980
Member of Technical Staff
Performed electro magnetic analysis on aircraft and other components. Developed software, in assembly language for a satellite ground station.


Excellent Tutor

Amelia is very patient, kind and dedicated to help you out with any programming query or building one. Highly Recommend her !!!
By: Gau