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Amir Z.

USD $15/hr

English Tutor/ESL(EFL) Tutor/Accent Coach

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I teach English the Oxford way, but I can provide insight into both American and British English. I am a no nonsense teacher. I will not waste my time or yours, or your MONEY, I will get straight to the goal in mind. Suitable for students/parents of students who demand results and value for their hard earned money. I have worked as an ESL instructor with students from all age groups and a variety of different classes, from all-boys/girls to co-ed and from beginner (A1) to upper intermediate (B2). As a tutor I have engaged in more intense teaching methods, as my students were more result oriented, demanding my round the clock guidance and supervision. I teach English (ESL/EFL) as 5 skills (the 5th being Cultural Awareness) as opposed to the traditional 4 skills (Reading, Writing, Speaking & Listening), so you can rest assured knowing you'll be learning an English that isn't outdated, old fashioned and archaic. If you're looking to prep for IELTS/TOEFL/GMAT/SAT, then I'm detail-oriented tutor you're looking for, I'll prep you like you've never been prepped before, ready to knock the test out! 😁 If you're an actor or just looking to reduce your accent then I'm tutor you need, with a diverse academic background in Phonology & Linguistics, and a keen ear, I'll be able to get speaking with any accent you wish.


Ilam, Iran


English, Kurdish, Persian, Arabic, French, German




Middle School
High School


University of Isfahan

2015 - 2019
Bachelor of Arts, English Language & Literature