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Monica K.

USD $20/hr

TESOL certified Teacher with Task-based teaching experience

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Most of my teaching experience has been with task-based activities and exercises. Each of my lessons start with a grammar concept that I present. Then I have students do a couple of controlled exercises and a speaking or writing task using that grammar point. After a quick review my students move on to the 4 basic English skills part of the lesson. They practice exercises in speaking, reading comprehension, listening and writing . This methodology promotes maximum student engagement. It has practice exercises that encourage students to speak and write freely, producing their own thoughts in English. I have also had some opportunities to tutor one on one.


Thompson Falls, Montana, United States


English, Spanish




Middle School
High School


Uni Prep Institute

2021 - 2021
English for speakers of other languages
This 250-hour diploma course focused on the different approaches and methods used in ESL teaching. It explained difficult ways and helpful tips of teaching all the age groups and students of all levels, as well as assessment, concept review, classroom management, treating disruptive behavior, and intercultural awareness. I learned about what I can teach for each proficiency level and what is appropriate for each age group as well as things like business English and IELTS prep.

Work Experience


February 2024 - present
English Tutor
I basically tutor students in ESL/English. New students that are interested contact me and often book a trial lesson to see how I am able to best meet their learning goals. If they are comfortable with how I teach, they start scheduling regular classes with me.

Frog Tutoring

September 2022 - August 2023
Online Tutor
This company sent occasional student alerts to all registered tutors. I have had a couple of opportunities to tutor one on one in ESL. I sourced my own materials from the internet and created lessons that were engaging and suitable for the student’s needs. This also included assessment of a student’s level and setting up an ideal lesson plan.

Nomen Global

July 2022 - present
Online ESL Teacher
I currently teach High Intermediate ESL on Saturdays. It’s a 4-hour class. I have also taught Elementary and High Beginning ESL on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The methodology here is task-based. The first hour of a lesson focuses on a grammar concept, and the second hour has activities in speaking, listening, reading and writing, some of which use a related grammar point from the beginning of the lesson. All classes are held on Zoom. This type of learning encourages maximum student engagement and gives students opportunities to produce the target language (English) with their own ideas.