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As an enthusiastic and dedicated educator, I am deeply committed to fostering a love for learning in my students and helping them reach their full potential. With more than 7 years of experience in the field of education, I have had the privilege of working with diverse groups of students, each with their unique strengths, challenges, and aspirations. My teaching philosophy revolves around creating a nurturing and inclusive classroom environment where every student feels valued and empowered to explore, question, and grow. I believe that education is not just about imparting knowledge but also about inspiring curiosity, critical thinking, and a lifelong passion for knowledge. I am excited to embark on this educational journey with my students, guiding them toward success and helping them become confident, independent learners.


Faisalabad, Pakistan


English, Urdu, Punjabi




Middle School
High School
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University of the Punjab, Lahore

2021 - 2022
MA English, Literature and linguistics
As a graduate of the Master of Arts (MA) program in English Literature and Linguistics, my academic journey has been shaped by a rich array of subjects that have deepened my understanding of language, literature, and their interconnectedness. Throughout my studies, I immersed myself in courses spanning literary theory and criticism, exploring diverse critical approaches to understanding literature. In linguistics, I delved into topics such as syntax, phonetics, morphology, semantics, and sociolinguistics, gaining a comprehensive understanding of language's structure and function. Additionally, I explored historical linguistics to trace language development over time and delved into psycholinguistics to comprehend how language is processed in the mind. Courses in literature encompassed various genres, periods, and cultures, allowing me to analyze and interpret literary texts within their socio-historical contexts. Equipped with rigorous research methodologies, I culminated my studies with a thesis or comprehensive exam, showcasing my mastery of these subjects.

GC University, Faisalabad

2020 - 2022
MA, Political Science and International Relations
As I embark on my academic journey in political science and international relations, I am deeply intrigued by the multifaceted relationship between Western and Muslim political thought. This dynamic encompasses a vast array of historical, philosophical, and contemporary dimensions, spanning centuries of interaction and intellectual exchange. Delving into the rich tapestry of Western political philosophy, from Plato and Aristotle to Locke and Rousseau, I aim to juxtapose it with the intricate traditions of Islamic political thought, encompassing the works of luminaries such as Ibn Khaldun, Al-Farabi, and Ibn Rushd. Through this comprehensive exploration, I seek to unravel the complexities, parallels, and divergences between these two influential streams of political theory, with the ultimate goal of fostering greater understanding and dialogue in our increasingly interconnected world.

Riphah International University, Islamabad

2018 - 2020
MS, Computer Science and Programming
Having earned my Master of Science (MS) degree in Computer Science and Programming, my academic pursuit encompassed an extensive array of subjects aimed at cultivating a profound understanding of computer science principles and programming methodologies. Immersed in a dynamic curriculum, I engaged in courses spanning fundamental areas such as algorithms, data structures, and computer architecture, laying a strong theoretical foundation. In programming, I navigated through languages like Python, Java, C++, and others, refining my expertise in software development, debugging techniques, and optimization strategies. Beyond the basics, I delved into advanced domains including machine learning, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and distributed systems, exploring the forefront of technological innovation and its real-world implications. Throughout my academic tenure, I undertook challenging projects and collaborated with peers to tackle complex problems, harnessing my analytical prowess and problem-solving acumen. Culminating in a thesis, my journey in Computer Science and Programming underscored my proficiency and readiness to contribute to the ever-evolving landscape of technology.

GC University, Faisalabad

2014 - 2018
BS, Computer Science and mathematics
In my four-year Bachelor of Science (BS) program in Computer Science, complemented by minors in Mathematics, I had the opportunity to explore a diverse range of courses that enriched my understanding of both fields. In addition to the foundational subjects like algorithms, data structures, and computer architecture, I delved into more specialized areas such as database systems, operating systems, and software engineering. These courses equipped me with the skills needed to design and develop robust software systems, understand how computers manage data efficiently, and grasp the complexities of managing and optimizing computer networks. Within the realm of Mathematics, beyond calculus and linear algebra, I engaged with courses in discrete mathematics, exploring concepts like graph theory, combinatorics, and number theory. These topics provided me with the mathematical tools necessary for tackling problems in computer science, such as analyzing algorithms and designing efficient data structures. Furthermore, I had the opportunity to explore courses in areas such as computer graphics, where I learned about rendering techniques and graphical user interface (GUI) design, and in artificial intelligence, where I studied topics like search algorithms, game theory, and natural language processing. These courses broadened my understanding of the diverse applications of computer science and the potential intersections with mathematical principles. Overall, my academic journey was characterized by a rich tapestry of courses that deepened my knowledge and fostered a passion for both computer science and mathematics, preparing me for a career where I can apply interdisciplinary thinking to solve complex problems.

Vocational Training Institute

2014 - 2016
CHW & Network Professional, Computer Hardware and Networks
In my role as a computer hardware and network professional, I bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. From installing and configuring hardware components to managing complex network infrastructures, I am well-versed in a variety of tasks. Additionally, my troubleshooting skills allow me to swiftly identify and resolve any issues that may arise, ensuring minimal disruption to operations. With a commitment to ongoing learning and staying abreast of the latest industry trends, I am well-equipped to adapt to the ever-evolving landscape of computer hardware and networking.

Government College of Technology, Faisalabad

2010 - 2013
Associate Engineer, Electrical Technology
In Electrical engineering technology, my academic journey has been characterized by a comprehensive exploration of fundamental principles and practical applications within the field. Throughout my studies, I immersed myself in a dynamic curriculum designed to equip me with a deep understanding of electrical systems and technologies. From delving into basic electrical principles to mastering circuit analysis, power distribution, and control systems, I gained invaluable theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience. Additionally, my coursework extended to encompass emerging areas such as renewable energy systems, digital electronics, and industrial automation, preparing me to adapt to the evolving landscape of the industry. Through laboratory exercises, projects, and internships, I honed my skills in designing, troubleshooting, and implementing electrical solutions, ensuring my readiness to embark on a fulfilling career in Electrical Technology.

Work Experience

ITEC Systems

March 2023 - February 2024
Web and App Development
As a Software Engineer at ITEC Systems. I developed web and app using advance technologies and frameworks.

Bilal Ideal Girls College Chiniot

January 2020 - January 2022
Vice Principal

Bilal Ideal Girls College Chiniot

September 2018 - March 2023
Senior Tutor
Teaching Science Subjects and Computer Science up to Graduation. Performing my duties as Vice Principal at the same college.

Vocational Training Institute, Faisalabad

May 2015 - February 2016
CHW & Networks Instructor
I'd been working as a instructor of CHW & Networks. My main job was to train the students theoretically as well as practically.

Superior Academy of Science

January 2015 - December 2017
Teaching and Management.


Excellent lecturer Ahsan Abbas

Very motivated and experienced teacher having command and grip on the subjects. Highly recommended.
By: Shl

Session with Ahsan

very useful session. all my doubts were answered in correctly and very detailed manner. recommend this tutor. thanks
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