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Carol M.

USD $12/hr

Certified English Mentor, Daily speaking and IELTS Trainer.

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I have had the privilege of teaching at numerous international online schools, accumulating more than 5 years of valuable experience. My teaching journey includes guiding children, teenagers, and adults in their learning. I am well-versed in conversational English, helping students prepare for exams, and instructing in Business English. Exploring different cultures brings me joy, and I am eager to share my experiences with others. When you step into my lessons, get ready for an enriching journey. You can expect a dynamic blend of academic prowess and communication finesse. My focus revolves around nurturing your Business English skills, unlocking the door to confident and captivating conversations in the professional world. Through my solid academic foundation, I'll guide you through mastering grammar structures and expanding your vocabulary universe. Whether you're aiming to master your IELTS speaking skills or wield the power of free-flowing discussions, I've got you covered.


Soweto, South Africa






Middle School
High School
I want to learn a new hobby


Tshwane University of Technology

2009 - 2012
Credit Management, Economic Sciences
Credit management is a crucial aspect of financial management that involves assessing and controlling an organization's credit risk. The subjects covered in a credit management course typically include accounting, economics, management, financial management, and commercial law.

Work Experience


September 2023 - present
Online English Trainer
1. Teaching engaging and interactive lessons tailored to student’s developmental needs. 2. Applied proficiency in instructing 1-on-1 adult classes using comprehensive lesson materials that enhance language proficiency. 3. coaching IELTS and TOEFL exam preparations, guiding students to achieve the desired scores. • skilled in using online platforms such as Classin, Skype, and the Qkids platform. • Committed to ongoing training and development, continually refining teaching approach and staying updated with best practices.

Cambly Inc

February 2019 - present
Online ESL Tutor
1. Teaching English to a wide age range, from children aged 7 to 16 years, fostering language development and fluency among young learners. 2. Conducted engaging and interactive one-on-one sessions for adult learners, specializing in business English to enhance their professional communication skills. 3. Successfully guided students through exam preparation, including IELTS and TOEFL, ensuring their readiness and confidence to excel in these internationally recognized tests. 4. Facilitated conversational English classes, creating a dynamic and immersive learning environment.