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Kaz K.

USD $25/hr

Well-versed in history, literature, and the humanities. He/him.

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I've loved history and stories of all kinds ever since I was a kid. While I've always liked learning, the school system tends to discourage students from developing a genuine love of learning. I want to give people something really special: a teacher who really loves their subject. I'm a college student, I know how hard school is. I can adapt to different learning styles, so if you need strategies for alternate ways of learning I'm your guy. I want to make things as accessible as possible, so tell me what you need and I'll do my best to help. History and literature may be taught as facts and names, but they're more than that. They're stories. Besides history and literature, I can also edit and look over any essays or papers you write.


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States


English, Spanish




Middle School
High School


Sarah Lawrence College

2020 - 2024
Bachelor of Arts, History and Literature
I am currently in the middle of completing my university bachelor's degree.


Perfect!!! :)

Helped connect my key unit concepts together to see the big picture, in a way I can easily think back/refer to on SAQ's, LEQ's, etc.! Helpful with remembering important events/people/groups etc. and time periods without getting too messy/confused! :))
By: Ahleah