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The school i went to in High school is the most influential school.I come from South Africa and in South Africa graduating from a school with an IEB curriculum level is the highest honor. IEB stands for Independent Examinations Board .It is equivalent to the UK A Levels. The IEB curriculum focuses on teaching students additional problem solving skills throughout their school career.I was fortunate enough to have had this curriculum. A school that has IEB has private exams written for the students at the end of Matric. They set the exams at a level that you would receive in University so you will be prepared for what you are going into.Students that graduate with IEB are most likely to be chosen over another form of curriculum because of the high standard.English is a prime priority in IEB ,they come frequently to the school and take students and exam them in a real life scenario to see how the curriculum is helping. After Matric i decided to study English online.I got started and over the course of 4 months i completed a TFFL course of 300 hr.I am excited and ready to start teaching English and be able to implement the IEB curriculum online to people around the world.


Funchal, Portugal







High School


St Dominics Academy

2013 - 2017