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Safiyan R.

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Beginner tutor, specialize in Managerial finance, Calculus, Statisitics, Economics, and Operations Management

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Hello, my name is Safiyan Rahim, and I have currently finished my 2nd year of University, and am moving on to 3rd year. Along my journey I have learned all sorts of things about the different courses I have taken. This includes: Business Analytics (Commerce 1DA3) 1) Introduction to Statistics (both highschool, and post-secondary) 2) Surveying, and sampling 3) Displaying, and Describing categorical data 4) Testing Hypotheses about proportions 5) Random Variables, and Probability Distributions 6) Sampling Distributions 7) Confidence Intervals for Proportions Macroeconomics (Econ 1B03) Calculus (Business, and highschool) 1) Derivatives Operations 1) Project Management 2) Process Analysis 3) Waiting Line Management Managerial Finance 1) Cost of Capital 2) Raising Capital 3) Capital Structure theories 4) Dividend Policy 5) Short term Financial planning 6) Mergers, and Acquisitions 7) Enterprise Risk Management


Burlington, Canada


English , Urdu




Middle School
High School


McMaster University

2022 - 2026
Business, Management of Information Systems
-I have been in the Commerce program at McMaster University for 2 years now. Each year brings fresh challenges, and opportunities for me helping in creating a deeper understanding of business principles, and preparing me for a dynamic landscape of the corporate world.