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Summaiyah F.

CAD $30/hr

Professional Math and Computer Science Tutor for High School

4 hours

Levels: Grades 5 to 8

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4 hours

Levels: Grades 9-10, O-levels

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Levels: Grades 11-12, A-levels, AP

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While I was in school, I would be appointed by the teachers to replace them, should they be absent, and have been teaching classes as early as when I was in grade 4. I have taught various subjects from languages ( French and English) to sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science and Environmental Science). I have also taught various Mathematics subjects and even economics and business studies. So long as I have a book (or other study materials) in front of me, I can teach that subject. After I graduated in 2016, I started private tutoring a student which then expanded over the years. I have tutored students from grade 4 to grade 12, mostly in Maths, Physics and Chemistry. I have also tutored a couple students in SAT 1 and Economics. I prefer one-to-one tailored sessions with the students with the intention of building up their foundations. My highest achievements include improving a student struggling in Algebra to acing it (90%) and improving the overall average GPA of a student from 3.6 to 4.0 . NOTICE: Please select the correct package according to your target level. Please provide the relevant study materials so we are all on the same page.


Ajax, Ontario, Canada


Urdu, English




Middle School
High School


Centennial College

2022 - 2022
Postgraduate Diploma, Project Management
Currently enrolled at Centennial College as a Project Management student.

University of Nottingham

2012 - 2016
MEng (Hons), Chemical Engineering with Environmental Engineering

International School of Choueifat

2002 - 2012
High School Diploma, Science
AP's ( Three "5's" and four "4's") - English, Maths, Physics, Computer Science, Environmental Science, Chemistry, Economics O' Levels (Five A*'s and three A's) - Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, French, Business Studies, Economics


Wonderful teacher!!!

Summaiyah knows the art to make things relatable with practical approach. My daughter was lucky to find Summaiyah as her Maths teacher. Summaiyah helped building her interest and improving her grades as well. Would love to hire her again. Good luck 👍
By: Shahla

Igcse tution

Classes with Summaiyah have been so worthwhile! Summaiyah has an amazing way of breaking things down so that they're understandable and always keeping it light and fun. I always felt that Maths is a bit of a boring subject but her methods were so engaging that I was motivated and actually wanted to pay attention rather than get it over with. with her great efforts and hard work, I got an A* in both Maths and Accounting.
By: Zuha

Amazing high quality teaching

Summaiyah taught me chemistry. She is an excellent teacher. I got high scores in chemistry after taking classes with Summaiiyah. She explained everything to me in excellent way. I wish that in future she will be my teacher.
By: Farhat

High school tutoring

I was facing difficulties in physics and maths in my high school years but gladly I found Ms.Summaiya ever since then ive been acing both the subjects at such a good pace that now im an engineering student,she is extremely good at explaining,in addition she has many tips and tricks that make learning fun and easy, never had a dull lesson with her, she aids in giving a clear understanding of the topics. I highly recommend her as I believe she is the best at this. Her teaching method is extremely easy and efficient and will surely give you the boosted results youve been wanting

High School Tutoring

I have always struggled with mathematics, I joined eeMs. Summiyah in high school back in 2016 for physics and mathematics. Since then my mental math and problem-solving skills has improved. I highly recommend her because she always tries her level best to clear all the doubts a student might have when studying something they really struggle at.
By: Rimsha