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Mitchell P.

CAD $53/hr

Physicist | Technology Consultant | Intelligent Systems Engineer | Entrepreneur

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With my extensive expertise in nuclear physics, material science, energy science, and forensic physics, along with my entrepreneurial experience in technology consulting for Intelligent Systems Engineering, I bring a unique blend of professional and academic knowledge to the table. My ability to bridge the gap between complex scientific concepts and real-world solutions demonstrates my capability to make learning engaging and applicable. This approach not only fosters curiosity and critical thinking among students but also prepares them for future challenges in the field. As an entrepreneur, I also share insights on innovation, problem-solving, and the intersection of science and business. This perspective is invaluable for students aspiring to make significant contributions to technology and society. My multifaceted expertise, combined with my passion for clear communication and inspiring others, positions me as an excellent tutor and mentor in the realm of scientific and technological education.


Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


English, Spanish






Ontario Tech University

2008 - 2013
Physical Science, Nuclear/Radiological, Materials, Energy & Environment
Thesis: "The Optimization of Hot Carrier Extraction via Selective Energy Contacts in a Tritium Betavoltaic device."

Work Experience

Arcadis Professional Services (Canada) Inc.

December 2023 - present
Business Systems Analyst - Intelligent Systems
We specialize in developing technological strategies and engineering intelligent systems for governments, enterprise clients, and various stakeholders.

Stantec Consulting Ltd.

January 2023 - September 2023
Technology Consultant
Led the development and delivery of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products for water infrastructure management, optimizing operations and enhancing sustainability for clients in the public and private sectors.

Belca Soft Corporation

July 2022 - November 2022
Software Consultant
Operational Intelligence for Equipment Centric Organizations in the Energy Industry.

Pomphrey Industries Corporation

January 2016 - July 2019
Founder, CPO
D.R.A.X.: DISTRIBUTED RESOURCE AUGMENTATION & EXCHANGE Pomphrey Industries Corporation is a hybrid energy applications firm, focused on demand-side resource and infrastructure optimization through the design, simulation and optimal control of thermal and electrical energy systems. DRAX ONE: The first Artificial Energy Intelligence layer for Advanced Indoor Agriculture

Consultant (self-employed)

October 2014 - July 2019
Technology Consultant - Advanced Energy Systems
Consulted on CleanTech projects and investigated emerging technologies.

Jule (eCAMION Inc.)

November 2010 - July 2014
Product Manager / System Architect / Engineering Technologist
Lithium Ion energy storage technology for auxiliary power applications and the smart grid.