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Hello and welcome to my TutorOcean Page! My name is Loriana and I live in North England (Manchester) at the moment. I speak 5 languages and I know what it means to learn a new language or to improve your language skills. Mistakes do not exist - only improvement. :) No matter if you want to just improve your speaking skills or refresh your grammar skills or start completely from zero - I am here for you. Step by step and with patience and fun, we develop your language skills together. A little bit about me: Certified teacher English and French Certified coach/mentor Artist coach/mentor Business mentor Creative director CEO of League of Learners If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am here for you and ready to take you to the next level. Kind regards, Loriana V.


Manchester, England, United Kingdom


Italian, German, English, French, Spanish




Middle School
High School
I want to learn a new hobby


University of Cologne

2006 - 2011