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Hi! My name is Justin Thomas, and I'm super excited to help you get your SAT/PSAT score to new heights! I started studying for the SAT in the summer before 11th grade to prep for the PSAT as well. My goal was to be able to finish taking my SAT in 11th grade so that I didn't have to worry or study for it during college application season. Using my methods, I was able to receive a 1470 on the PSAT to eventually become a National Merit Finalist. A couple of months later, I was able to achieve a 1550 on my SAT. I found that there are a lot of ways that the SAT tries to trick you, and that just going into the test with a different mindset can make a difference in your score. As a result, I've come up with my own method to approach and study for the test that can help you improve quickly in a relatively short amount of time. In addition to my test-taking success, I have a passion for teaching. During high school, I tutored my fellow students in math, and I was also part of a tutoring program for middle school kids. I took 14 AP courses, including Calculus AB and Calculus BC, showcasing my strong academic background and expertise in math. I have a flexible schedule and will respond quickly to inquiries. I'm excited to work with students of all ages and abilities. Feel free to reach out to me for SAT tutoring, and I hope to see you soon!


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Babson College

2022 - 2023
BS in Business Administration

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