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Angel M.

USD $16/hr

Tutor in Math and Physics

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I've been a tutor for 8+ years and recently graduated from UC Berkeley with a major in Physics. To begin with, I've worked through online websites, and I've also worked in person at high schools and at UC Berkeley itself. I've noticed certain patterns of learning in the students just like you, such as common traits in starting thoughts or methods used when attempting to solve a problem. Moreover, as you work through the problems, it's common to get distracted, get lost, or get burned out. Nevertheless, with good guidance, by re-contextualizing and supplementing information, you can find a way to recuperate momentum and gain invaluable problem solving and analytical skills. My experience has allowed me to learn from individual students and groups of students. In individual tutoring, I have a better grip of the thinking process of the student so that I can help them more accurately understand the problem. If you select me as your tutor, I will do my best to adapt to your learning aperture and take you to the forefront of the understanding of the problem with a personalized approach. On the other hand, I will limit my examples, analogies, and standpoints when adapting to your learning style. Both scenarios have taught me to personalize and limit my tutoring methods towards speed, accuracy, and understanding. What I can offer you, is to improve your learning curve and subsequently improve your scores by guiding you to approach, track your work, trace back mistakes, and corroborate the final answer using different tools to achieve consistency. Reach out to me so we can set up a trial lesson for up to 30 min.


Berkeley, California, United States


English, Spanish




High School


UC Berkeley

2018 - 2023
Bachelors, Physics

Work Experience


August 2021 - present
Online Tutor (Princeton Review)

August 2021 - present
Online tutor


August 2020 - present
Online Tutor/Mentor
Be a mentor and a tutor for SAT math preparation.

Tutor Corps

March 2020 - present
Online tutor
Create a study plan for students and approach them with a personalized tutoring perspective.


August 2017 - present
Online Tutor

Varsity Tutors

August 2017 - present
Online Tutor