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Hello! my name is Abdul, an incoming international university student in the US for a bachelor's in physics. I am fascinated by the sciences and have a deep enthusiasm for the subjects I've learnt and now teach; mainly mathematics, physics, chemistry, economics, SAT Tutoring(1530), as well as some other areas. for reference, I have studied under the A-level curriculum. I am currently tutoring a 10th and 12th grader and have done extensive peer tutoring back in high school. I have also tutored other students. I will say that I am young but I will also say that it makes it easier for me to relate to the you :) Rest assured that I have mastered the subject and content that I teach and aim to ensure subject interest and excellence. I truly think learning "how to learn" will eventually allow you to bypass any need for a tutor. My teaching style involves teaching you the logic and approach behind every idea/problem so that you may use that same logic/approach to handle other similar ideas/problems on your own. I do try to take it slowly because everyone has their own pace but I will also try to push you to the max at times.


Colombo, Western Province, Sri Lanka


English, Urdu




Middle School
High School


The westminster school dubai

2020 - 2023
A-levels, STEM
Studied physics, chemistry, mathematics, and economics for A-level. for O-level, I completed physics, chemistry, math, English, business studies, computer science,etc. high grades were achieved in both levels of study.

Work Experience

Self employed

April 2023 - present
IGCSE Tutor for 10th grader
Tutoring of a grade 10 O-level student studying the Edexcel British curriculum


March 2023 - April 2023
Call center agent
worked at a BPO company as an outbound call center agent for an American client. Managed sales and marketing calls, personalized and mass emailing, as well as occasional inbound call complaints. Registered the highest appointments and call count from the team.


June 2022 - August 2022
Visa application officer
visa officer for turkey center. Part of team that handled data entry of 400+ applications daily; operated in front office and processed visa applications directly from customers; aided transport of applications.