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Gain Confidence Today! Business English, Business Soft Skills, General English for Adults

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ARE YOU A BUSINESS PROFESSIONAL? DO YOU NEED ENGLISH FOR YOUR CAREER? DO YOU NEED BUSINESS SKILLS? I am a native English Speaker who lives in Spain. With my assistance and training skills, you will Develop your English communication skills. Improve your confidence and fluency. Develop communication efficiencies so you can confidently speak with your international colleagues. Think faster in English, learn to discuss many topics, and stand out in meetings and social gatherings. You will revise and learn your grammar skills while increasing your vocabulary. Expand your general English so you can speak and use English in everyday situations. Feel confident and secure when using English in your daily life. Lessons tailored to your needs. I specialise in Business Soft Skills training, The BUSINESS TRAINER courses include Developing your business skills in Meetings Time Management Job interview and Hiring skills Presentation Skills Leadership Training Sales Marketing and Negotiations Networking and more. The courses and individual sessions are suitable for learners from A2-C2 levels and tailored to meet your needs. .


Los Alcázares, Región de Murcia, Spain








VICTORIA University NZ

1986 - 1989
BA(Hons), Economics as History

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January 2017 - present
Online Business English Soft Skill and General English Teacher
Online Business English, Business soft skills, General English Teacher, specializing in growing your confidence with Speaking, thinking in and generally using English.