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Want to Succeed? Get Karim as your Tutor!

Studying for the LSAT and applying to law schools is a humbling experience. However, after the first phone call with Karim I knew that my life was about to change because of how thoroughly he answered all of my questions. This made the whole tutoring process much more efficient and effective. Karim cares for his students and wants them to achieve success. It is clear with the personalized schedule that he tailors depending on your strengths and weaknesses. He provides a clear structure and assigns homework to help you gain more practice and confidence in your skills. In my most anxious moments, he provided the reassurance/emotional support I needed while still keeping me accountable with the work that I needed to get done. I highly recommend him as a tutor and I am endlessly grateful that I had the opportunity to have him help me achieve my dream. He helped me with every single thing that had to do with the LSAT and also helped me with the editing of my personal statements. With our hard work, I was able to obtain a 167 on the LSAT which I never thought would be possible as I had scored a 142 on my first LSAT. In January, my dreams became a reality as I got acceptance letters from my two top dream schools which were Ucalgary Law and Osgoode Hall Law School. If you want to achieve success then I suggest you get tutored by Karim. Best decision I have ever made.
By: Juliana

Managed a 20 point LSAT Increase Karim is the best

Karim has helped me along the way with my year and a half LSAT journey. He is knowledgable, funny and lighthearted which makes the tutoring material more easily digestible and relatable. I cannot recommend Karim enough!
By: Makayla

Looking for a GMAT tutor? Karim is your guy!

Karim helped me with my GMAT prep and working with him was the best decision I made. His teaching methods are great and are very clear and concise. He’s great at building confidence and keeping lessons fun and engaging. He is also very flexible and resourceful. He genuinely cares about his students and will go above and beyond to make sure you are successful. I was struggling with the quantitative section on the GMAT and he was able to help me get my desired score therefore I got into the school of my choice. Thank you Karim! You're the best :)
By: Mandeep

A successful GMAT includes Karim

My best decision on my GMAT journey was to work with Karim. He has a great approach that is tailored to your starting point. Karim provides excellent training material which allows you to focus on studying instead of worrying about what material you should review. He is caring, invested in his students, and wants the best for you. After working with Karim, I felt more confident in the exam and my GMAT score increased by 90 points. I will refer anyone studying for the GMAT to Karim and I wish I would have found him earlier. Thanks again Karim.
By: Matthew

There are no shortcuts. Only Karim and hard work!

My experience with Karim was special! I started off my LSAT journey with one of the prep courses and barely met my target after two tries. I was referred to by Karim and in under a month I was able to increase my score by 10pts and in the end gained a great friend who actually cared about your success. If youre like me and none of your peers are writing, the LSAT grind can get lonely and pretty overwhelming at times. A one on one with a tutor could be that thing that gets you over that hump! Karim totally makes the process a lot more fun! Best thing about him is that he’s extremely responsive and personable. He can spot your strengths and weaknesses pretty quickly which actually allowed us to tailor a custom study plan specifically to addressing allowing my weaknesses! Great stuff Karim. Thanks for all you do!
By: Fuad