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More and more students are coming to online tutoring for its convenience and effectiveness. I have 10 years' experience teaching one-on-one in person and two years' experience in the online setting. I like teaching one-on-one because it gives me a chance to focus on a student's understanding and make sure the student really gets it, which is very rewarding to me. I enjoy teaching physics and mathematics because I like seeing students become comfortable answering questions for which there is a definite right and wrong answer, which can sometimes be a scary thing. Let's make it fun instead.


Maumelle, Arkansas, United States






High School


Pennsylvania State University

2003 - 2015
Ph.D., Physics
I spent about seven years total as a teaching assistant for university-level physics and did a summer project on using concept networks as an educational tool. My Ph.D. research was in computational neuroscience (through the physics department).

University of Texas at Austin

1997 - 2002
B.S., Physics
I did a summer research project in numerical relativity while at U.T. Austin and wrote an undergraduate thesis in cosmology.

Work Experience

Private Tutoring Company

August 2015 - present
I have been working as a tutor since I received my Ph.D. from Penn State. For the past year, I have been working almost exclusively online.

Penn State University

August 2011 - December 2014
Teaching Assistant
I helped students working in small groups complete laboratory and pencil-and-paper physics assignments. I also coached students on their physics homework once a week in the Learning Resource Center and received one of the 2012 Graduate Teaching Awards.


really helped

Really good tutor. Helped a lot with my experiment, really patient and he explains everything along the way
By: Cristian

Very Adaptable

He was easily able to work around my specific needs and ready for any question I thew at him.
By: Joshua

Very patient and knowledgeable tutor :)

I was looking for help in relativity in physics since my own teacher made things very confusing, and I'm glad I found Garrett! He was very patient and explained everything in a very thorough way. What I liked most was that he didn't just give me the answers, he asked me questions so that I could think for myself and come to an understanding. Made topics I thought were complex surprisingly simple. A great tutor, really recommend and will definitely try and book again :)
By: Jordan

Excellent class

A very good tutor who understands the student and teaches very well. He ensures that the student goes along with the lesson.
By: Patience

physics help

amazing. He helps explain in a way that is easy to understand and is very easy going.
By: Darby