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USD $60/hr

15 years of tutoring


New delhi, India

Vivek R.


Indira Gandhi National Open University, Miles CPA Review

Creative and Compassionate Private Tutor having more than 15 years of Experience with Massive Subject Knowledge of "Accounting", "Economics" and "Mathematics".

About -> Taught thousands of students globally in the field of Business and gained tons of experience. -> Strong interpersonal skills and understanding of learning strategies with excellent verbal and written communication skills, proficiency in online tutoring and digital learning platforms. -> A professional skilled at evaluating student abilities with academic goals to tailor lesson plans and programs accordingly. -> Flair for establishing rapport with students to engender trust and promote physical, social, and emotional growth. -> I believe my enthusiasm for supporting all students, extensive education and specialized experience would make me an asset to this exciting state history education initiative. How I Work with Students: -> I have taught accounting, economics and mathematics to many students and they have improved their grades by laboring hard. -> I guide them through routine studies for improved results and always care about solving their doubts.

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Subjects: Accounting, Auditing, CFA, CPA, Corporate Finance, Economics, Finance, Finance Management, Financial Accounting, IB Mathematics, Macroeconomics, Managerial accounting, UCMAS

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USD $25/hr

16 years of tutoring


Bengaluru, India

Syeda S.


M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Indira Gandhi National Open University

SAT and ACT Mathematics Tutor with 15 years of experience in Test Preparation. Majored in Medical Electronics Engineering from M. S Ramaiah Institute of Technology - Premier University of Bangalore.

Free 15 minute Consultation! I'm able to effectively show students the easiest and logical strategies to solve problems and questions in Math and Science - using my experience in Online one-to-one tutoring for more than a decade. To make students score really high patience and encouragement is needed from the Tutor. Contact me for High Quality - K 12 Middle School and High School sessions. - Mathematics and Science is my forte.

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Subjects: ACT Math, Algebra, Biology, Decimals, Earth Science, Elementary Science, Math, PSAT, Pre-Algebra, SAT Mathematics, SSAT, Test Prep, Trigonometry, elementary English

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CAD $30/hr

4 years of tutoring

English, Hindi

Patna, India

Jayant K.

Indian Institute of Finance, Indira Gandhi National Open University

Finance|Economics|Engineering Economics|Accounting|Business Statistics

I hold an impressive educational background and possess extensive experience in the fields of finance, economics, accounting, and statistics. With an MBA in Finance, a Master's degree in Economics, and a Bachelor's degree in Electronic Science, I have acquired a strong foundation in these disciplines. Over the course of more than 6 years, I have dedicated myself to assisting students in these subjects, providing them with step-by-step and easily comprehensible solutions. My MBA in Finance equips me with in-depth knowledge of financial management, investment analysis, and corporate finance. I am well-versed in evaluating financial data, conducting risk assessments, and making informed decisions to maximize profitability and optimize resource allocation. This expertise allows me to guide students through complex financial concepts and problem-solving scenarios. Additionally, my Master's degree in Economics provides me with a thorough understanding of economic theories, market dynamics, and policy analysis. I possess the ability to explain concepts such as supply and demand, market equilibrium, macroeconomic indicators, and economic growth. This knowledge allows me to assist students in comprehending economic principles and their real-world implications.

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Subjects: AP Macroeconomics, AP Statistics, Accounting, Derivatives, Finance, Finance Management, Financial Accounting, Game Theory, International Business, International Macroeconomics/International Finance, Linear Programming, Macroeconomics, Management, Managerial accounting, Microeconomics

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USD $15/hr

14 years of tutoring

Hindi, English

Muzaffarpur, India

Pankaj K.

Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar Bihar University, Muzaffarpur, Indira Gandhi National Open University

Open Source Software Developer and Mentor

I teach just like coding. I feed the set of instructions in the live CPU (Student Brain) during the class. In order to test the performance of the student I ask them to share their screen and write code in front of me. In this I monitor the progress of students in real time. It also develops confidence level of students.

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Subjects: C++, JavaScript, Object Oriented Programming, PHP, Python, Unix

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