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Chesta's photo

CAD $18/hr

English, Hindi

Brampton, Canada

Chesta C.

Algoma University, Kurukshetra University

Seasoned IT professional with a wealth of experience specializing in Quality Assurance.

1. Extensive expertise in Quality Assurance (QA) methodologies, practices, and tools. 2. Proven track record of successfully leading QA initiatives across various IT projects. 3. Proficient in creating comprehensive test plans, test cases, and test scripts to ensure thorough testing coverage. 4. Skilled in identifying and documenting software defects, tracking them to resolution, and ensuring high-quality deliverables. 5. Experienced in testing techniques, with a focus on optimizing testing efficiency and effectiveness. 6. Strong understanding of software development lifecycle (SDLC) processes and their integration with QA activities. 7. Excellent communication and collaboration skills, able to effectively liaise with cross-functional teams to drive quality improvements. 8. Continuously staying updated on emerging QA trends, technologies, and best practices to enhance testing processes and outcomes. 9. Proficient in coordinating QA efforts within project management frameworks such as Agile, Scrum, and Waterfall, adapting testing strategies to suit project requirements.

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Subjects: Agile Project Management, Communications, Leadership, LinkedIn, Planning, Project Time Management, Quality Management, project cost management

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USD $12/hr

1 year of tutoring

English, Tagalog, Hiligaynon (Philippines)

Iloilo city, Philippines

Vince D.

University of the Philippines Visayas

Mastering the Numbers: Accounting and Finance Tutor Dedicated to Student Excellence

I specialize primarily in IFRS-based Financial Accounting and Reporting of all Financial Statement Items alongside Advanced Accounting and Reporting of Complex Business Transactions and Associations, Cost Accounting, and Managerial Accounting. I also lead in the Finance area such as General Business Finance, Financial Management, and Investment Analysis and Management. Finally, I have a good mastery of Introductory Economics together with Macroeconomics and Microeconomics.

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Subjects: Accounting, Auditing, Corporate Finance, Economics, Finance, Finance Management, Financial Accounting, Macroeconomics, Managerial accounting, Microeconomics, project cost management

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USD $18/hr

2 years of tutoring

Spanish, English

Vancouver, Canada

Jorge Eduardo R.

University Canada West, Universidad Internacional de la Rioja, Universidad Distrital Francisco Jose de Caldas

Latin american industrial engineer with master in business and experience in project management

Industrial Engineer master in business with experience in project management and knowledge in data analysis, digital transformation and advanced office automation tools, Project, Tableau and Power B

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Subjects: Business Analysis, Finance, Finance Management, Financial Accounting, Industrial Engineering, Math, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Project Time Management, Spanish, project cost management

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