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USD $14/hr

6 years of tutoring

English, Hindi, Bengali

Howrah, India

Shubha D.

Visva Bharati Central University, Visva Bharati Central University

Singing (Voice therapy & Classical voice with another songs)

I teach in Hindusthani classical music vocal and also teaches Voice therapy (which improves vocal cords and Singing Voice) also teaches any other songs which devotional songs, Thumri, Dadra and Folk etc. I continued teaching in online platform. I have 6 years teaching experience in online platform. My Bachelor's degree & Master's degree has completed. Sub - Hindustani Classical Music Vocal. Thanks & Regards 😊

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Subjects: Music, Voice Singing

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USD $70/hr

8 years of tutoring


Huntington Beach, United States

Marie H.

Sonoma State University, Fullerton College, Santa Ana College

Vocal Performance, Music Theory, Piano Improv & Music Production

BIO Hi (: I am a music instructor and producer, specializing in vocal performance, music theory, piano improv, & composition. Most of my free time is spent writing songs and producing them, working in Logic X and ProTools. My parents bought a standup piano when I was four, and at age six they found lessons for a few months through a family friend. I continued on my own and played by ear until I was a teenager and started to pursue music academically. Raised in a bilingual (french & english) household, I worked my way through college as a pastry chef. Passionate about food, travel and the arts, I’m always looking for opportunities to collaborate and connect. Please don't be shy, message for more information about private lessons, group exclusives, collaborations, and community networking any time! APPROACH Lessons with me are student-centric, focusing on classical foundation in all fields and placing strong emphasis on accommodating individual students' specific ambitions. Strong stage presence, deeper understanding of blending & breath support, and a sharper ear for intuitive learning are all skills you can expect to develop with me. Song motivated lesson plans, finding a way of having a good time, and making music in every lesson are tenets I hold near and dear. LESSON POLICIES Reschedules and cancellations for private lessons require a minimum of 24 hours advance notice.

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Subjects: Music, Music Composition, Music Theory, Piano, Voice, Voice Singing

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USD $30/hr


San Antonio, United States

Mallory F.

Liberty University, Liberty University

Singer | Actress | Musician

I teach a variety of musical subjects to a wide range of learners! From beginner piano to collegiate-level music theory, I want to help you sharpen your skills and meet your goals. For the past 12 years, I have refined my craft through experience and training in multiple artistic avenues. I am patient, trustworthy, and passionate about YOUR passions! Here's a few examples of what I offer: Piano: Beginner-Intermediate Voice: Beginner-Advanced Music Theory: Beginner-Advanced **Specialized Course: Musical Theatre Basics for the Christian Actor: Vocal Techniques, Music Theory & Auditioning Skills** A Bit About Me: Earning my Bachelor of Science in Worship Studies at just 19, I graduated from Liberty University, Summa Cum Laude. I am currently pursuing my Master of Arts degree in Music Education, with a focus in Music Studies. My expected graduation date is May 2024, and featured coursework includes: Advanced Contemporary Arranging Techniques, Research Methods in Music Education, and Principles of Curricula and Pedagogy for Music Education. Furthermore, I have received private music lessons for almost a decade in voice, piano, guitar, violin, and ukulele. Utilizing these skills, I serve as a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist to churches throughout the city and surrounding areas. Lastly, I have received over a decade of extensive training in acting techniques for both stage and film. Over the years, I have performed in countless theatre productions including Bright Star, To See the Stars, The Little Mermaid, and Much Ado About Nothing, and in 2017, I starred in my first short film. I have since performed in multiple films across the U.S in both lead and supporting roles, including, The Uncivil War: America Divided, alongside lead actor, Daniel Roebuck. Want to learn more? Click the link below to visit my website and social media pages! Links & Socials:

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Subjects: Film and Theater, Guitar, Music, Music Theory, Piano, Ukulele, Voice, Voice Singing

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USD $25/hr

10 years of tutoring


Springfield, United States

Tara G.

Kean University

Friendly and patient practice for your English speaking skills

As a professional singer who’s been studying voice for many years, I am very adamant in the usage of enunciation and proper volume control in conversational and professional English. In all conversation, this is key to being understood properly and having meaningful dialogue. I have over 10 years of vocal training including 3 years with voice lessons by a British English speaking instructor. I find that practice and repetition is the way to perfection!

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Subjects: Communication, English, English as Second Language, English as a Second Language (ESL), Public Speaking, Voice, Voice Singing, speaking

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USD $40/hr

5 years of tutoring

English, Spanish, Portuguese

New york, United States

Angie P.


The City College of New York

Educator of music, english, and speech

When I was a kid, I struggled a lot to learn in a traditional classroom setting. I didn't understand why I had to sit still and why I wasn't allowed to make my own schedule and explore my own interests. It was so hard for me to focus on subjects that I didn't enjoy and to sit still for a long period of time. As an adult, I realized how much I would've benefitted from a teacher that would take the time to teach me in a way my brain could understand. Someone who cared about MY interests and passions and would use that information to engage me in subjects I wasn't as crazy about. Someone who could be patient and creative and who believed in me! I ended up becoming the type of teacher I always needed as a kid. I care about my students and their individual paths and truly believe that we all have our own unique way of learning! For the last 5 years, I’ve been teaching music to children of all ages. I've worked in a couple of different music schools as well as my own private lessons teaching piano, guitar, and vocal training. I teach my students to write music using the skills they already had while also developing new ones. I’ve found songwriting to be not only an amazing tool for my own life, but to be an amazing way for children to express their feelings and use their imagination and creativity. With my extensive experience in music, songwriting and music education, i've found that I have the expertise to teach reading, writing, and speech. I have studied vocal technique and songwriting for the last 10 years. I received my Bachelor of Music degree from The City College of New York in June of 2022.

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Subjects: Creative Writing, English Language Arts, English as Second Language, Guitar, Music, Music Composition, Reading, Social Studies, Speech Language Pathology, Voice Singing, Writing

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USD $33/hr

10 years of tutoring

Chinese, English

City of zhengzhou is the middle of china 郑州市位置在中国的中间, China

Wei L.

郑州大学, 中国郑州师范China Zhengzhou University

Chinese teachers for more than 10 years10多年的中文老师汉语教师

土生土长的中国人说普通话的国际汉语教师中文全程导师 耐心友好热情Chinese native speakers of mandarin, Chinese teachers who are patient, friendly and enthusiastic.课程有适合零基础的初学者系列,也有HSK汉语水平考试的全部材料,还有专业的旅游汉语,口语对话,中文系大学本科用书,孔子学院用的教材,YCT,BCT,MCT等等电子版总有几款满足你快速提高中文水平的要求,学习中文我一定会帮助到你。The courses include beginner series suitable for zero foundation, all materials of HSK Chinese Proficiency Test, professional travel Chinese, oral dialogue, undergraduate books of Chinese Department, textbooks for Confucius Institute, YCT, BCT, MCT and other electronic versions With more than 100 gigabytes of Chinese learning materials, there are always a few that can meet your requirements for rapidly improving your Chinese level. Please allow me to introduce myself more. Hi guy! I’m Wei Lei is read léi2(雷) wěi3(伟) . I come from Zhengzhou China.My major is international Chinese education. I have more than 10 years of experience in offline tutoring Chinese children to learn Chinese, because COVID-19 has been teaching online for more than 3 years.I will send you source materials before class, preview your own study first, correct mistakes, explain and guide in our class, and leave exercises for you after class.I have more than 10 years of experience in offline tutoring Chinese children to learn Chinese, because COVID-19 has been teaching online for more than 3 years I able to teach students at different levels and different needs.Include Learn basics、Improve proficiency、Talk with people、Do business、 For kids etc.about Chinese anythings. HSK YCT ECT beginner etc.In addition, I have a wide range of hobbies, such as cooking, reading, running, traveling etc.My biggest wish is to travel around the world. So I especially like to communicate person with different cultural backgrounds. I can communicate Chinese culture widely with you. In that case, teaching and learning grow together Welcome to China! I’m looking forward to seeing you soon on line。地道的表达,标准的发音,精准的纠错。学习语言 开口说,跟我学。朗读--模仿=交流,Pls trust youself !You can do it very well !

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Subjects: AP Chinese, Sat II Chinese, Chinese, Chinese History, Mandarin, Parenting, Personal and Professional Development, Software Testing, Study Skills, Voice Singing, listening, reading, speaking, spelling, vocabulary

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USD $17/hr

3 years of tutoring

English, Spanish, American Sign Language

Berea, United States

Grace O.

Baldwin-Wallace University

Creative Tutor: Essay writing, creative art skills, and more!

I am currently a senior at Baldwin-Wallace University! I am working towards my BA in Theatre with a minor in Psychology and will be graduating May 2023. I have a passion for the creative arts and have extensive experience in music, design, and theatrical arts. I plan on receiving my Master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and becoming an LPC. I have tutored primarily middle school/ elementary children, but have had experience with high school students as well. I find myself best suited to tutor English and Writing subjects, but am open to any subject listed below! I love working with others, and will do my best to support you!

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Subjects: Arts, College Admissions, College Essays, Creative Writing, Elementary Math, Elementary Science, English, Essay Writing, Film and Theater, Grammar, Guitar, Psychology, Script reading, Voice Singing, elementary English

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