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USD $7/hr

1 year of tutoring

English, Venda, Tsonga, Pedi, Zulu

Folovhodwe, South Africa

Arnolia C.

Dzimauli Secondary School, University of Venda, Teacher Record Teacher

120hr certified TEFL and English teacher/tutor with 1 year experience

I hold a degree in Bachelor of Commerce in Tourism Management, focusing on travel and tourism. I'm also a certified TEFL teacher, who is a passionate hard worker and a fast learner with strong affinity in sharing my knowledge in English and learning about the world's diverse cultures and their heritage. With 1 year experience in tutoring, certified TEFL, I am equipped with skills to create engaging and effective lessons that cater to your unique learning style. My teaching style is a hybrid one, blending traditional methods with innovative techniques to make our lessons enjoyable and fruitful. As your tutor, I am committed to bringing a positive and inclusive learning environment where you can feel comfortable expressing yourself and taking on new challenges, I am here to support you every step of the way. My goal is to make learning English an exciting journey of discovery. Together, we will explore various aspects of the language, from grammar and vocabulary to pronunciation and conversation skills. You will gain confidence in your English abilities. I believe that language learning should be fun and interactive, so expect dynamic lessons filled with interesting topics and activities. Let's work together to achieve your language goals and unlock new opportunities in both your personal and professional life. I am excited to embark on this adventure with you😀

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Subjects: English, English as Second Language, English as a Second Language (ESL), TEFL, TOEFL, Vocabulary, editing, elementary English, speaking, spelling, vocabulary

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