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Grammar 1. Gaining an understanding of the main English grammar features and rules 2. Professional grammatical terminology 3. Explanation and analysis of English grammar 4. Correction of common grammatical errors in English 5. Searching for grammar solutions 1. The role of a teacher in the classroom 2. Assessment and needs analysis of students 3. Effective lesson planning and preparation with and without the aid of a coursebook 4. Methodology of teaching skills-based lessons 5. Methodology of teaching functional and grammar-based lessons 6. Introduction to English phonetics 7. Lesson activity types and their use in the ESL/EFL classroom 8. Increase student participation 9. Manage and motivate students 10. Communicate with speakers of other languages 11. Display the ability to gain insight from peer feedback 12. Teaching pedagogy 1. Analyse real-life lesson plans 2. Provide structural critique for lessons to develop and improve your own teaching skills

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Subjects: English, Grammar, Reading, TESOL, Writing

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