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CAD $45/hr

English, Hindi, Spanish

Toronto, Canada

Anjali A.


The University of British Columbia, The Shri Ram School

Enthusiastic Psychology Graduate Looking to Assist with Academic Workload

The first 15 minutes of your session are free! I'm a recent Psychology graduate from the University of British Columbia. I'm extremely interested in Psychology and I've been passionate about tutoring. Be it assignments or exams, I aim to tackle them with efficiency, commitment, and dedication. Having taken over 10 Psychology courses at UBC, doing a Directed Studies in Psychology, and having other relevant academic experience, I understand the standards and requirements of university assignments, papers, and exams. Other university courses I'm experienced in include Sociology and Creative Writing. I can also assist with IB Courses [English Lang and Lit HL, Visual Arts HL, Math SL, Psychology HL, Biology SL, and Spanish Ab], university essay proofreading, and writing research papers. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any concerns, feel that I'd be a suitable tutor for you, or even if you want to have a quick chat!

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Subjects: Art & Design, College Essays, Creative Writing, Food Science, IB, IB Arts, IB Essays, IB Prep, Psychology, Sociology, Writing, editing, proofreading, research papers

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