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CAD $40/hr

7 years of tutoring


Kingston, Canada

Leo K.


Queen's University, University of Waterloo, University of Waterloo

Enthusiastic Physics and Mathematics Tutor - Physics PhD Student

Hi there, and welcome! I'm a PhD student in Physics at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. Prior to this, I got my Master's of Mathematics at the University of Waterloo in Applied Math, and a Bachelor of Mathematics studying Mathematical Physics. My research interests are at the intersection of astrophysics, particle physics, cosmology, and gravitational waves. I have been tutoring students since high school as a volunteer peer tutor in math and physics, and decided to continue tutoring throughout university. At the University of Waterloo I was a private tutor for several courses (see below), where I helped several students improve their academic performances. I've also been a teaching assistant for many courses at both the University of Waterloo and Queen's University (see below), and was awarded an Outstanding TA Award for my contributions. If you're struggling in your classes, or if you just want to deepen your understanding of physics and mathematics, then you've come to the right place! Please don't hesitate to reach out if you had any questions! ---------- To see if we'd be a good fit, the first 15 minutes of the first session is free! After that we can decide whether to continue working together.

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Subjects: Applied Mathematics, Astronomy, Astrophysics, Computational Physics, Differential Equations, Integral Calculus, Linear Algebra, Math, Multivariable Calculus, Nuclear Physics, Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Science, Vector Calculus

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CAD $100/hr

9 years of tutoring

English, French, Polish

Ottawa, Canada

Michael A.


Queen's University, University of Saskatchewan, University of Saskatchewan, University of Ottawa

Expert Chemistry, Biology, Anatomy, CASPER & MCAT Lecturer + Tutor - 9 years experience - Medical Resident

I am a junior medical resident with over 9 years of experience tutoring university courses and the MCAT. I scored in the 97th percentile for the Chem/Phys and 99th percentile for the Bio/Biochem sections of the MCAT (2017). I have also taught university exam prep and MCAT science lessons to in-person classes of over 150 students, as well as recorded over 1000 hours of 1-on-1 tutoring. Additionally, my work experience as a TA has taught me the ins and outs of how university exams are written, along with what students can expect from them. In chemistry and biology courses I can consistently predict the types of questions (and occasionally exact questions) that come up on exams. On top of my lecturing experience, I have also helped students to prepare for the MCAT exam. If you're writing the MCAT, I can work with you to design a study schedule, recommend high yield resources, as well as teach you an approach on how to tackle important MCAT questions/passages. In general, when tutoring I like to break down complex concepts into smaller steps using silly and efficient tricks. I've additionally completed a Master's in Neurosciences and finished medical school in Canada. I have expertise tutoring the following tests/subjects: MCAT (Chem/Phys, CARS, Bio, Psych/Soc) Organic Chemistry (>2000 hours between tutoring + TA + class instruction) Musculoskeletal Anatomy, Neuroscience (Physiatry resident) General Chemistry Biology Physics *$50/hr - REDUCED RATE for the following subjects: Medicine/NBME/Nursing/Physiotherapy/MSK Anatomy/Neuroanatomy/Pharmacy/CASPER exam* Scored in the top quartile on the CASPER examination (2022) Below are sample tutoring resources that I created to complement my lessons. Also, I have attached some of my student's MCAT scores before versus after our tutoring sessions! Reach out if you're interested in setting up a session! :)

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Subjects: Anatomy, Biology, CASPER, Chemistry, High School Science, MCAT, Medicine, NBME, Neuroanatomy, Neuroscience, Organic Chemistry, Pharmacy, Physics, USMLE Step 1 & 2, University Application Prep

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CAD $35/hr

2 years of tutoring

English, Arabic

Kingston, Canada

Mariam E.

Queen's University

Engineering Chemistry student by day, dedicated STEM tutor by night

Hi! My name is Mariam and I am an experienced tutor specializing in STEM subjects. I am currently studying Engineering Chemistry at Queen's University and have been tutoring for 2 years. I have always had a strong passion for teaching and consider it a hobby more than a profession. During my time as a tutor, I have worked with a wide range of students, from elementary schoolers struggling with long division to university students looking to deepen their understanding of thermodynamics. I have been extremely lucky to have had incredible teachers and mentors throughout my education and through them I have adopted essential skills for a tutor such as adaptability and patience. My students appreciate my ability to break down challenging concepts into manageable pieces and ability to connect with them to create a comfortable learning environment where they feel supported and motivated to learn. I usually begin with a diagnostic session to assess the student's understanding and if they are missing prerequisite knowledge. Then, I create a structured lesson plan and session timeline based on the student's strengths and weaknesses. I strive to create a comfortable and engaging learning environment where students feel free to ask questions and explore new ideas. I also provide plenty of practice problems and feedback to help students improve their skills and gain confidence in their abilities. Above all, I believe in empowering students to become independent learners who can tackle new challenges with confidence. I work to instill a love of learning in my students and encourage them to take ownership of their education.

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Subjects: AP Chemistry, AP Physics, Basic Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Elementary Math, Elementary Science, Engineering, General Chemistry I, General Chemistry II, High School Science, Inorganic Chemistry, Math/Science, Organic Chemistry, Physics

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