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USD $50/hr

10 years of tutoring


Washington, United States

Phil L.


Brown University, Michigan State University

Experienced Organic Chemistry Tutor

Hi guys. I am a Ph.D synthetic organic chemist with over 10 years experience in teaching organic chemistry courses at both the undergraduate and graduate level. I’m very passionate about the subject matter and really enjoy working with students with the ultimate goal of helping them gain mastery of what at first seems to be a very complex subject. My experience with teaching organic chemistry started as an undergraduate at Michigan State University where I tutored students (mainly sophomores, juniors and seniors) in the natural sciences by solving Organic chemistry problems during recitation hours. Furthermore, I also designed assignments and study guides to aid students in their understanding of organic chemistry but most importantly help them succeed and perform well in their exams. I am very patient and my style of teaching provides students with all the necessary skill-set needed for understanding the core fundamental concepts in Organic chemistry which I strongly believe will help students succeed and gain an appreciation for organic chemistry.

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Subjects: General Chemistry I, Organic Chemistry

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CAD $30/hr

4 years of tutoring

English, Korean, French

Calgary, Canada

Daniel P.


University of Calgary, Sir Winston Churchill High School

Professional Tutor in Math, Computer Science, Programs and Statistics with over 4 years Experience.

I have had over 4 years of experience as a tutor and Instructor for Math, Statistics and Computer Programming combined. And I have worked in this field for years in different unpaid and paid professions that have developed my knowledge and ability to translate ideas to people. As I have worked with students, I have discovered that everyone will need different methods to help them learn. I am always willing to provide them with the adaptations that best fits them, and to guide them part-by part. I am always open to questions and discussions and would love to take part in any particular interests my students have in these fields. I employ a style in my session that will be paced based on the student's requests and researched requirements of learning, and can guarantee that students will be provided all the services to help understand theories. My methodology in teaching also will have a heavy weight on real applications and the use of problem solving to master skills. I have a Passion to pass on my knowledge for Math and Computer/Data Science and would love to meet new students. I can tutor for both High School and University Level Math and Computer/Data Science. And I have built experience with past examination formats from such courses. I can also tutor for high school Chemistry and Science courses, and to a high level on Java and Python. Students are required to send all material and clearly outline their requests before requesting a date a minimum of 24 hours prior to the session. Sessions that are excepted from this rule will be used with the "Immediate Response" Package or use an assignment quote. Specialized in: AP and IB Computer Science AP and IB Calculus Python, Java, C++, C University level Mathematics Computing Theories General Availability: Mondays 6am-11:30am, 2pm-11 pm Tuesdays 6am -12pm, 5pm-11pm Wednesdays 6am-10am, 12pm - 2pm, 4pm - 11pm Thursdays 6am -12pm, 5pm-11pm Fridays 6am-9am, 4pm-11pm Saturdays 6am-11pm Sundays 6am-7:30am, 2pm-11pm

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Subjects: ACT Science, AP Calculus AB/BC, Applied Mathematics, C++, Calculus, Chemistry, Computer Science, Data Structures & Algorithms, Java, Linear Algebra, Object Oriented Programming, Pre-Calculus, Python, Statistics, Trigonometry

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