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Souvik's photo

CAD $20/hr

2 years of tutoring

English, Hindi

Kitchener, Canada

Souvik R.

University of Waterloo

Specialized in NLP Machine Learning

Taught Mathematics from grade 5 to 10 for 2 years. Studied mathematics till the engineering graduate program. Held Teaching assistant for 1 year at University of waterloo in programming. Expertise in NLP Machine Learning for more than 2 years.

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Subjects: Calculus, Data Science, Data Visualization, Linear Algebra, Machine Learning, Pre-Calculus

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Nagaraju's photo

USD $35/hr

4 years of tutoring

Telugu, English

Kolluru, India

Nagaraju D.

Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Andhra Pradesh, International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore

Mathematics Expert at IIITB, Master of Sciecne , Data Sciecne

I am an AI Researcher working on Medical Image Processing and Machine Intelligence. I will help you to understand and learn Python, C, C++, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Langauge Processing, and Computer Vision. I will help you to improve the course grades by explaining the concepts more practically.

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Subjects: Artificial Intelligence, C++, Data Analysis, Data Science, Data Visualization, Keras, Machine Learning, Python, TensorFlow

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Justin's photo

USD $56/hr

3 years of tutoring

English, Spanish, German, Portuguese

Setauket-East Setauket, United States

Justin D.

University of Arkansas, Stony Brook University

data science, machine learning, political science

Hello! I'm pursuing a PhD in political science at Stony Brook University in New York. In my research I use R and python to study political phenomena with machine learning methods.

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Subjects: Algebra, Data Analysis, Data Engineering, Data Science, Data Visualization, Linear Algebra, Machine Learning, Political Science, US Government and Politics

Mayar's photo

USD $15/hr

2 years of tutoring

English, Arabic

Cairo, Egypt

Mayar A.

University of Science and Technology at Zewail City

Deep Learning Engineer tutoring in basic programming (C++/C/Python/SQL),databases, data structures, machine learning, deep learning, linear algebra, and calculus.

I have two years of private experience teaching mathematics and programming courses to high school and college students. I am able to offer help in programming languages such as C++, Python, SQL, and C; databases, data structures, machine learning, and deep learning; and math subjects such as linear algebra, calculus, and algebra.

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Subjects: Calculus, Data Science, Machine Learning, MySQL, Python, SQL

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Stanley's photo

CAD $19/hr

2 years of tutoring

Chinese, English, French

Ottawa, Canada

Stanley P.

Carleton University

Computer Science, Math, Python, Machine Learning, NLP, CNN, FinTech

Perfect Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. Please let me know your questions and/or goals prior to sessions. Master’s Degree from Canada 🇨🇦 🎓 - AI/ML: Natural Language Processing (“NLP”); Convolutional Neural Network (“CNN”) - Python - Finance: Economics, Portfolio Management, Fixed Income, Financial Statement Analysis - Mandarine - Basketball 🏀

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Subjects: Chinese, Machine Learning, Python

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CAD $22/hr

6 years of tutoring

English, Punjabi, Hindi

Newmarket, Canada

Simranpreet K.

University of Windsor, D.A.V.I.E.T., Mehak Kawatra Makeup Academy

Looking for help from an expert in Machine Learning, Social Network Analysis, Python?

I am a graduate from University of Windsor in the field of Computer Science and I can help you in the subjects like Mathematics(Basic and Advanced), Machine Learning, Social Network Analysis, Python, SQL, Theoretical Foundations of Computer Science, Data Structures, and many more. Furthermore, I am IAO certified Makeup Artist. However, my expertise are not only limited to these.

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Subjects: Computer Science, Data Analysis, Data Structures & Algorithms, Data Visualization, Database, Integral Calculus, LaTeX, Machine Learning, Makeup Artistry, Math/Science, Microsoft Excel, Probability, Punjabi, Python, Social Network Analysis

William's photo

CAD $40/hr

5 years of tutoring


Toronto, Canada

William R.


University of Toronto

Graduate in Computer Science (Python, Java, C/C++, SQL), Math (Calculus, Graph Theory) and Statistics (Bayesian Inference, Big Data, Machine Learning)

I went to UofT for Computer Science, and got a Specialist in Statistics for Machine Learning. I've tutored students in Computer Science subjects like Data Structures, Learning Python for CS and non-CS students, and more complicated languages like Java and C/C++. I also have experience with Web Development including HTML/CSS/Javascript, and Backend Development and Databases. I've also tutored students in Math/Statistics courses like first and second year Calculus, Multivariable Calculus, all levels of Linear Algebra, and Statistics.

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Subjects: Agile Project Management, C, C++, Calculus, Data Analysis, Data Structures & Algorithms, Java, Linear Algebra, Machine Learning, Multivariable Calculus, MySQL, Python, SQL, Statistics, Vector Calculus

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USD $10/hr

English, Hindi

Bengaluru, India

Akshat V.

PES University

C/C++ | Python | Data Science | ML/DL Tutor

I am a passionate and dedicated tutor, a graduate of PES University with majoring in Electronics and Communication. My experience includes projects in Machine Learning, Data Science, Python, C/C++, and Verilog. As a tutor, I am committed to sharing my knowledge and helping students excel in these subjects.

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Subjects: Artificial Intelligence, C, C++, Machine Learning, Python

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Dan's photo

USD $20/hr

3 years of tutoring


Nairobi, Kenya

Dan W.

Jomo Kenyatta university of Agriculture and Technology

Expert in Programming and Machine Learning

I am a seasoned frontend developer and machine learning expert. My passion is in assisting students solve and accel in computer science programming tasks. If you need any help with anything computer science related, just send me a message and we can arrange a plan that works for you.

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Subjects: Android Development, Artificial Intelligence, C#, Data Science, Dissertation, Java, JavaScript, Macroeconomics, MySQL, Node.js, PHP, Python, SQL, Statistics, jQuery

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Neerja's photo

CAD $30/hr

2.5 years of tutoring

English, Hindi, Punjabi

Red deer, Canada

Neerja J.


Panjab University India, Kurukushetra University


I am Neerja jhingan. I am IBM data science certified and #1 Rank in Python on Hackerrank. I believe that learning is a lifelong adventure and I am excited to share my passion for education! I am passionate about machine learning, data science, and the practical beauty of the Python programming language. I have experience in PHP as well. In my career, I have a strong history of Data Analysis, Algorithms, EDA and various other facets of Machine Learning. The power behind all of this was my faculty with Python. Python is the language of the modern Data Scientist. I am excited to show both students and adult learners the simple elegance of the language and how it is an indispensable tool for the creative application of science to real-life problems. Already teaching Data Science to Students . My expertise are - 1. Data Science 2. Exploratory Data Analysis. 3. Handling Outliers 4. Machine Learning. 5. Python 6. PHP I have the patience, expertise, and passion to help every learner move on to the next stage of their education or career. Contact me today! Together we can master anything.

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Subjects: Data Analysis, Data Science, Logistics, Machine Learning, Python, SQL


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