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USD $40/hr

3 years of tutoring

Arabic, English

Cairo, Egypt

Kirollos S.


University of science and technology at Zewail City

Experienced Software Engineer Offers Customized Lessons in Math, Physics, and Programming: Experience a Proven Teaching Methodology that Maximizes Your Learning Potential

I am a highly dependable, diligent, and committed tutor with a passion for helping students achieve their academic goals. With my open-mindedness and appreciation for diverse customs, values, and traditions, I create a welcoming and inclusive learning environment where students can feel comfortable and confident. As a patient and kind educator, I take a supportive approach to problem-solving, working closely with students to identify their strengths and weaknesses and tailor my instruction to their unique needs. My teaching style is timely and efficient, ensuring that each lesson maximizes the student's learning potential. I'm proud to say that my past students have consistently achieved academic success through my guidance and support. I'm dedicated to helping each of my students overcome their unique challenges and achieve their academic goals. I believe in building strong, positive relationships with my students, and fostering an environment of mutual respect and trust. My approach to teaching is designed to empower my students, helping them develop confidence and a passion for learning that will serve them well throughout their academic and professional careers. Engaging and interactive lessons are designed to be fun while providing tangible benefits to my students. To achieve optimal results, I employ a wide range of instructional approaches, including the use of props, flashcards, and a whiteboard. I also incorporate the Total Physical Response method and a Communicative Approach to help students fully comprehend the subject matter and develop practical language skills. My areas of expertise include math, physics, and programming, and I specialize in teaching students aged 14 to 22. Whether you need help improving your grades, preparing for exams, or gaining a deeper understanding of complex concepts, I am here to help. With my comprehensive skills and dedication to student success, I am confident I can help you achieve your academic goals.

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Subjects: Artificial Intelligence, C++, Communications, Computer Networking, Computer Science, Data Analysis, Discrete Math, Machine Learning, Maths, Object Oriented Programming, Physics, Physics (Newtonian Mechanics), Python, R Programming, Statistics

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USD $15/hr

English, Swahili

Nairobi, Kenya

Fredrick O.

University of Nairobi, Egerton University

A Mathematics Subject Expert with 15+ Years' Experience of Tutoring

I simplify concepts for quick grasping and challenge students through extension activities to stretch their understanding where necessary. I endeavor to add value so that students of all abilities significantly improve performance and love or the subject. Let's get started now!

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Subjects: ACT Math, AP Calculus AB/BC, Algebra, Applied Mathematics, Calculus, Elementary Math, IB Mathematics, Integral Calculus, Math, Maths, Pre-Calculus, SAT II Mathematics Level 1, SAT II Mathematics Level 2, SAT Mathematics, Statistics

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