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USD $15/hr

3 years of tutoring


San Francisco, Philippines

Jay-An G.

Cebu Technological University, Cebu Technological University

Outstanding Teacher Awardee

Phonemic awareness, Phonics, Vocabulary development, Reading fluency, including oral reading skills, Reading comprehension strategies, Language learning, Oral communication, Written communication, Culture, society and literature, IELTS, Business English, Classic English and Free talk.

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Subjects: English as a Second Language (ESL), High School Science, IELTS, Marine Biology, Phonological Awareness, Science, Written and Verbal communications, Zoology, elementary English, grammar, listening, reading, speaking, spelling, vocabulary

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USD $30/hr

10 years of tutoring


Austin, United States

Shankar L.



Expect Awesomeness

I am a qualified Chartered Accountant (CPA equivalent), Company Secretary and a graduate in Accounting and Finance. I can help with variety of subjects like Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Advanced Accounting, Auditing, Information Systems Audit, Business Finance, Financial Management, Basic Economics, Macro Economics and few more subjects listed in my skills as per my profile. I love to help students figure out concepts and work their way through problems. I love to help and it provides an awesome feeling of satisfaction. It makes me feel proud and happy when I see students are improving and feeling more confident in the subjects they needed help. One of my favorite quote is, You are not here merely to make a living. You are here in order to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision, with a finer spirit of hope and achievement. You are here to enrich the world, and you impoverish yourself if you forget the errand. - Woodrow Wilson, President of the United States.

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Subjects: ACT English, Accounting, Business, Computational Finance, Economics, English, English as Second Language, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Financial Accounting, Law, Macroeconomics, Managerial accounting, Microeconomics, elementary English

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CAD $70/hr

3 years of tutoring

English, Chinese

Toronto, Canada

Shan L.

University of Toronto, University of Saskatchewan

Current Canadian Dental Student Offer Customized Tutoring Lessons

Hello! I'm Shan, a dedicated dental student at the University of Toronto with over three years of tutoring experience. Fluent in both English and Mandarin, I specialize in a wide array of subjects including biological sciences, biology, physiology, pharmacology, biochemistry, general chemistry, anatomy, neuroanatomy, toxicology, neuroscience, and biomedical sciences. I also offer personalized tutoring sessions for the MCAT, where I achieved scores of 131 in Biological and Biochemical Foundations and 129 in Chemical and Physical Foundations, as well as for the DAT, where I scored an Academic Average of 23. My tutoring approach is patient and thorough, and I am passionate about helping students excel academically. Throughout my undergraduate studies in Physiology and Pharmacology, I consistently ranked in the top 5% of my class. My students have consistently provided positive feedback, often experiencing significant improvements in their grades and academic performance after our sessions. Whether you're aiming to master complex scientific concepts or striving for top scores on standardized tests, I'm here to guide you every step of the way. Let's achieve your academic goals together! I accept group tutoring for a discounted rate as well!

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Subjects: AP Chemistry, Anatomy, Biochemistry, Biology, Biomedical Science, DAT, Dentistry and Pre-Dentistry, General Chemistry I, General Chemistry II, Interview Preparation, MCAT, Neuroanatomy, Neuroscience, Pharmacology, Physiology

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USD $20/hr

3 years of tutoring

English, Mandarin

Elmhurst, United States

Claire L.


UCLA, B.S. in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology

Experienced in Mendelian genetics, molecular bio and some biochem

Former Chegg tutor with 3 years of experience. To my students I'm known for my extreme patience (their words:D) and my knack for simplifying and breaking complicated concepts down into bite-sized pieces so they're easily understandable. I love the process that I get to go through with students where I help them get the hang of whatever they're struggling with and knowing in the end that I helped make it happen. And plus it's always nice to know that I'm trusted to do what I enjoy:) Hmu if you need help with Mendelian genetics or other bio/biochem-related questions!

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Subjects: AP Biology, Biochemistry, Biology, Genetics, Mandarin

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