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CAD $17/hr

Sindhi, English

Calgary, Canada

Prohit K.

University of Calgary

CIE IGCSE & A-Level Chemistry and Math

I achieved outstanding grades in my high school (A-levels) in physics, maths and chemistry. I believe that I will be able to deliver the course contents of maths and chemistry very well as i intend to pursue a degree in chemical engineering.

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Subjects: A-Levels, Elementary Math, High School Science, IGCSE, Microsoft Word, Middle School Science

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CAD $45/hr

1 year of tutoring

Tagalog, English

Calgary, Canada

Marianne L.


University of Santo Tomas, University of Calgary

Chemistry and Math Tutor!

I am a Master of Engineering in Environmental Engineering student at the University of Calgary, AB, Canada. I have a Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering and graduated with honors. I was also a part of a Quiz Team. I am a part-time Chemistry, Math and Science tutor.

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Subjects: AP Chemistry, Algebra, Analytical Chemistry, Basic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Environmental Engineering, Geometry, High School Science, Inorganic Chemistry, Math, Math/Science, Physics, Physics (Thermodynamics)

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CAD $22/hr

1 year of tutoring

English, Hindi, Gujarati

Calgary, Canada

Akshay N.

University of Calgary, Gujarat Technological University

"Expert Tutoring: Personalized, Engaging, and Effective Learning Experiences"

As a tutor, my expertise lies in the following areas: 1. Subject Matter Mastery: I have a deep understanding of the subject matter that I am teaching. I am able to break down complex concepts into simpler, more understandable terms. I am able to answer questions and provide explanations in a way that is easy for my students to understand. 2. Personalized Learning: I understand that every student learns differently, so I customize my approach to teaching based on each student's individual needs and learning style. I take the time to get to know my students and their strengths and weaknesses so that I can tailor my lessons to their specific needs. 3. Clear Communication: I communicate clearly and effectively with my students, using language that is appropriate for their level of understanding. I am patient and take the time to explain concepts thoroughly, using examples and analogies to help my students grasp difficult concepts. 4. Motivation and Confidence Building: I believe that motivation and confidence are key factors in a student's success, so I work to instill both in my students. I encourage my students to ask questions, take risks, and challenge themselves. I provide positive feedback and reinforcement, and I celebrate their successes with them. 5. Organization and Preparation: I come to each tutoring session prepared and organized, with a clear plan of what we will cover. I use a variety of teaching materials, such as textbooks, worksheets, and multimedia resources, to keep my lessons engaging and interactive. Overall, my expertise as a tutor is in providing personalized, effective, and engaging learning experiences that help my students achieve their academic goals.

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Subjects: ACT Math, ACT Science, AP Calculus AB/BC, AP Chemistry, AP Environmental Science, AP Physics, Algebra, Algebra 1, Calculus, Civil Engineering, Construction, Engineering, Geometry, High School Science, Hindi

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