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USD $15/hr

3 years of tutoring


San Francisco, Philippines

Jay-An G.

Cebu Technological University, Cebu Technological University

Outstanding Teacher Awardee

Phonemic awareness, Phonics, Vocabulary development, Reading fluency, including oral reading skills, Reading comprehension strategies, Language learning, Oral communication, Written communication, Culture, society and literature, IELTS, Business English, Classic English and Free talk.

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Subjects: English as a Second Language (ESL), High School Science, IELTS, Marine Biology, Phonological Awareness, Science, Written and Verbal communications, Zoology, elementary English, grammar, listening, reading, speaking, spelling, vocabulary

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USD $20/hr

2 years of tutoring

Armenian, English

Yerevan, Armenia

Lily G.

American University of Armenia, Yerevan State University

High School Math Tutor

An introductory 15-minute session is free of charge and can help us get to know each other. I am a Computer Scientist by training and profession. As Computer Science involves a lot of math (and I love it), I have been tutoring students for the past two years, as I want to help people discover the world of mathematics and not be scared of it. I help students who might be struggling at their math classes to quickly get to the level of their peers as well as the more advanced students to dive deeper into the subject. By tutoring math, I give my students the perspective of how much mathematics there is in daily life, as well as how mathematics can widen career options. As we first start our lessons, we will identify what your needs are and make sure the classes go according to your needs and the preferred teaching style.

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Subjects: AP Calculus AB/BC, AP Statistics, Algebra, Calculus, Linear Algebra, Pre-Calculus, Probability, Statistics

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CAD $44/hr

3.5 years of tutoring


Orangeville, Canada

Jazmyne G.

Liberty University

Do Math, English, or Writing have you frustrated? I'm here to help you!

Welcome! I am a university graduate with a major in Elementary Education (Magna Cum Laude). I have been tutoring English and writing since October 2020. I have taught students 8 - 16; however, I cater to elementary and middle school students. Have you ever stared blankly at a paper wondering what to write? Do you wonder how to craft a compelling story? Do parts of speech have you confused? Are you stumped by fractions? Do you feel like hurling your math book out the window? I am here to help you master the subjects that (you think) have mastered you!! I make learning fun! In my engaging, online lessons, students use the interactive whiteboard to solve problems and compete worksheets. My lessons are interactive and highly visual to keep students interested. Because every child learns differently, I tailor my approach to best meet the needs of my students. I show students how to break mountainous assignments into manageable sections. We will work together to create an effective plan of mastery. I offer: ~ Online lessons ~ Homework Help ~ Math, English, and Writing Help ~ Session Packages ~ Free 15 minute consultation session

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Subjects: Creative Writing, Elementary Math, English, English Language Arts, Grammar, Homeschooling, Math, Writing, elementary English

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USD $20/hr

15 years of tutoring


Portland, United States

Tina G.

Portland State University

University Chemistry tutor

Hello, I am Tina. I graduated with distinction & specialization in chemistry. I have a master's in chemical and pharmaceutical sciences with more than 17 years of experience teaching and tutoring at the university level. I'm available for tutoring 11th, 12th grades & college students. I've taught chemistry on a full-time basis for 4 years at the university level, 2.5 years on a part-time basis, and 11 years in an online setting. The courses that I taught ranged from basic chemistry through o-chem and biochemistry.

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Subjects: AP Chemistry, Basic Chemistry, FRENCH 1, IB Sciences

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CAD $20/hr

3 years of tutoring

English, English

Windsor, Canada

Vikram B.

PES Institute of Technology, University of Windsor

Mathematics, Supply chain management, Inventory management, Project management

Strong Mathematical and problem solving skills coupled with Master's in Industrial engineering.

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Subjects: Algebra, Applied Mathematics, Competition Math, Derivatives, Differential Equations, Elementary Math, Linear Algebra, Maths, Physics (Heat Transfer)

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USD $20/hr

6 years of tutoring

Arabic, English

Irbid, Jordan

Ibrahim H.

Jordan university of science and Technology, Jordan university of science and Technology

Expert Bio Medical courses tutor

Hello, I am Ibrahim Abualgohsain. I was teaching biomedical courses for 6 years in simple, organized, and clear ways. I am a graduate of one of the best 500 universities around the world and I was graduated with the first rank on my batch. My students claim that my explanations and teaching make complicated topics much easier, more than 90% of them scored better in their courses and passed in courses they never expected to pass in. I am looking to make you one of my students to enrich my teaching journey and make you an expert in the most complicated courses you have in your college curriculum.

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Subjects: Biochemistry, Genetics, Immunology, Microbiology, Pathology, Pathophysiology, Veterinarian Science

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