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USD $5/hr

1 year of tutoring

English, Isizulu

Soweto, South Africa

Londeka K.

University of South Africa, University of South Africa

Certified TEFL teacher

I am an experienced online tutor with expertise in tutoring English and Sciences amongst other subjects.

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Subjects: Creative Writing, EFL, ESL, ESOL, Early Childhood Education, Editing, English, English Language Arts, English Literature, Essay Writing, reading, speaking, spelling, vocabulary

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USD $6/hr

3 years of tutoring

English, Zulu, Sepedi

Johannesburg, South Africa

Nokulunga N.


University of South Africa

A certified English teacher with an online and offline experience of three years.

hello, my name is Nokulunga. I am 25 years old and I was born and raised in South Africa, Mpumalanga. I graduated from the University of South Africa and I studied Bachelor of Laws. i am very passionate about teaching English. This passion began when I was very young and I started asking myself many things including how people from different countries are able communicate with each other, English was the answer. From there I realized the importance of English , I then grew love to empower others with such a powerful tool. As a result, I have recently also obtained my Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Certificate. I have also been working as a Teacher's Assistant, assisting in Mathematics and English. The curriculum in English covers grammar, vernacular, writing as well as spelling lessons. During my spare time I enjoy travelling, spending time with my beautiful family, reading and singing. I know how daunting learning English is, I have been there myself but I assure you in this classroom we are eager and always ready to learn with more enthusiasm every day. do not be afraid of mistakes, they are actually essential because through them we learn. i can offer pronunciation, articulation as well as grammar lessons in order to better your English Conversational skills. Booking a lesson with me is your best option and guarantees you some best teaching time worth your precious time. I use the active learning style because it is best suited for interaction for students in class. i also use the directing style where we learn through listening and following directions. The discussing style, because students can interact and I am able to see their progress. lastly, I also use the Demonstrator style where in I use body features as well as teaching prompts to ensure more understanding for the student.

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Subjects: ACT English, English, English Language Arts, English Literature, English Regents, English as Second Language, English as a Second Language (ESL), Essay Writing, Exam & Study Mentoring, Law, Public Speaking, Reading, Research Methods, vocabulary

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