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USD $10/hr

7 years of tutoring


Karachi, Pakistan

Abeera K.

Bahria university karachi campus

Certified English Tutor. Teaching with “Customised English Lessons for the students like YOU”

■ Spoken English (Conversational, Vocabulary Pronunciation) classes. ■ Most of my students are beginners, intermediate, and upper-intermediate students inc. (teenagers, students and adults). ■ Improving English speaking skills for tourism, Business English ( presentations, Business Writing, career progress, socializing and Grammar) ■ I mainly specialize in Conversational English and Business English. I can help you build confidence and expand your vocabulary in any area which you need to improve. I will help you perfect your pronunciation to give you the confidence to speak English fluently.

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Subjects: Algebra, English, Management Communications, Marketing, Math/Science, SAT Mathematics, Sociology, speaking

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USD $5/hr

3 years of tutoring

English, English

Midrand, South Africa

Victoria the English expert K.


Experience is the best teacher but tuition is a high...

Certified tutor with more then 3 years of experience teaching online. Book a trial lesson with me so we can discuss your goals and how I can help you reach them. I am constantly working on self-development. I will listen to students and ask questions to help them make sense of their own understanding of critical ideas. I have deep knowledge and passion for a teaching-learning environment. I will create an environment that caters to learning and teaching with friendliness and approachability. I have superior listening skills and enjoy interactions.

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Subjects: Business, English, English as Second Language, Interview, Mid-school, Natural Sciences, Psychology, Reading, Reading Literacy, TEFL, Tourism, grammar, reading, speaking, spelling

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