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USD $15/hr

2 years of tutoring


Greater london, United Kingdom

Prashasti T.

Tiffin Girls' School, Tiffin Girls' School, Tiffin Girls' School, Tiffin Girls' School, King's College London

Maths and Physics tutoring upto Alevels

I am a Physics Undergraduate student at King's College. I have tutored KS3 level Science and upto Alevel Maths and Physics. I am enthusiastic and friendly and have a strong interest in Maths and Science. My teaching method is providing a strong foundation on the topics first, then giving suitable exam material to further the understanding of the student, ensuring that they have the skills needed for the exams. I can go through the exam techniques in detail so they can link back what they have learnt to answer questions to appropriate detail.d Science as well as a strong background in it. I love helping and pushing others to get the grades that they deserve. I will also adapt to the students needs and can provide guidance and support in the areas they require.

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Subjects: Algebra, Applied Mathematics, Calculus, Chemistry, Differential Equations, Math, Numerical Analysis, Physics, Pre-Algebra, Pre-Calculus

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