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CAD $30/hr

3 years of tutoring

English, Hindi, Portuguese

Toronto, Canada

Abhi K.


University of Toronto, Mont' Kiara International School

CSC108 & CSC148 Tutor

Hey, there! I'm a 4th year Computer Science student at the University of Toronto and I'm currently doing a summer internship as a Software Developer. I've been tutoring freshmen students at UofT for nearly 2 years and I've also co-authored a Udemy course on basic Java programming. Throughout my 3 years at UofT and 2 years doing IB in high school, I've taken a variety of courses in computer science, programming, and mathematics. Whether you're a high school student, a university student, or just looking to learn some basic programming during quarantine - I'm here for you! Just message me and we can discuss the rate (I'm flexible!) and timings.

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Subjects: Computer Science, English as a Second Language (ESL), HTML, IB, IB Mathematics, IB Sciences, Java, JavaScript, Node.js, Pre-Calculus, Python, SAT II Spanish, Software Engineering, Web Development

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CAD $30/hr

2 years of tutoring


Vancouver, Canada

Nathan C.

University of Toronto, Sir Winston Churchill Secondary

2nd Year Undergraduate at the University of Toronto with 2 Years of Experience.

Hi, I'm Nathan and I'm looking to help you improve! I am currently a second-year student in Life Sciences at the University of Toronto with a 91.6% Average and a 4.0 GPA and I graduated from the IB Diploma Program. I have 2 Years of Experience from tutoring during Highschool and I will help you understand new concepts.

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Subjects: Basic Chemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Elementary Math, High School Science, IB, IB Sciences, Math, Middle School Science

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