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CAD $25/hr

3 years of tutoring


Victoria, Canada

Riddhi B.

University of Victoria

Recent Chemistry graduate with an interest in math and math-based chemistry

A recent chemistry graduate from the University of Victoria, with expertise in math-based chemistry (quantum, kinetics, thermodynamics, computational, analytical) and basic pre-calculus and calculus: math subjects. Love teaching elementary science and math, up to high school and undergraduate levels.

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Subjects: AP Chemistry, Basic Chemistry, Chemistry, Critical Thinking, English as a Second Language (ESL), Environmental Science, General Chemistry I, General Chemistry II, IELTS, Materials Science, Math, Philosophy, Physical Chemistry, Physical Science

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USD $12/hr

English, Bengali, Hindi

Atlanta, United States

Tania N.

Georgia State University, Scholastica

Tutor | Georgia State University

Hello! This is Tania, currently an undergraduate student at Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia, USA. I want to help students with courses like MATH 1111 College Algebra, MATH 1113 Pre-Calculus, MATH 1401 Elementary Statistics, ENGL 1101 English Composition I, ECON 2105 Principles of Macroeconomics, ECON 2106 Principles of Microeconomics, and ACCT 2101 Principles of Accounting I. I hope to be able to help with more courses as I complete each semester at GSU. Feel free to email or text me anytime!

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Subjects: College Algebra, English, Financial Accounting, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Pre-Algebra, Pre-Calculus, Statistics

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CAD $80/hr

8 years of tutoring

English, Arabic, French

Vanier, Canada

Ahmad A.

Carleton University, Lebanese University

Certified Canadian Biology, Chemistry (Organic and General), Biochemistry, and Physics Tutor

I am an enthusiastic science community leader and I am passionate about helping you achieve your goals. I recognize that every student's long and short-term goals can be unique. I am here to help - whether your goal is to score high on an exam or improve your overall scientific skills. I believe that through hard work and grit students can achieve their full potential in spite of any obstacles that may come along the way!

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Subjects: Applied Mathematics, Arabic, Biology, Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, MCAT, Mental Health, Neuroscience, Organic Chemistry, Physics

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CAD $20/hr


Ottawa, Canada

Mitchell D.

Carleton University

Electrical Engineering Graduate: Tutoring for Math courses

I recently graduated from Carleton University with a degree in Electrical Engineering. At this point, I would like to share my knowledge with those considering entering a STEM related post-secondary education and anyone interested in improving their understanding of fundamental mathematical concepts.

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Subjects: Math, Pre-Calculus, elementary math

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USD $14/hr

1 year of tutoring


Coconut Creek, United States

Murtaza S.

University of Florida

Math Tutor (k-12), Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus

I have been tutoring math at the college level for roughly a year. Currently enrolled as a engineering student with a minor in math finishing up my last year in the Univrsity of Florida. Current GPA is 4.0. Taken all calculus (1 - 3) , college algebra, trigonometry , and statistics.

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Subjects: Algebra, Calculus, Math, Pre-Algebra, Trigonometry

Hafsa's photo

USD $30/hr

8 years of tutoring

English, Urdu, Punjabi

Lahore, Pakistan

Hafsa B.


University of Agriculture Faisalabad, Pakistan.

Expert math tutor with more than eight years of teaching experience.

Hey, I'm Hafsa from Punjab, Pakistan. I hold an MPhil degree in applied mathematics. I am a teacher by profession. I love to teach students who find math a difficult subject. I've taught many students who struggled with math; I helped them make math their favorite subject and get good grades. I have more than eight years of teaching experience and have taught in different environments. I have experience teaching school-level, college-level, and university-level students. My teaching methodology varies from student to student. I always start my class by posing some basic questions related to the lecture to gauge the level of the students and make them more attentive. To make things easier, I like to divide tasks into smaller steps. I start with basic concepts and then slowly move toward the topic. My classrooms are student-centered and fun. My students can ask their questions at any time during the class. After every lecture, I assess my students' concepts regarding that specific lecture. After lecture, I asked students to briefly tell me what they had learned or to simply explain a specific step in the solution. Moreover, for the assessment of my students, I schedule tests and quizzes. At the end of every lecture, I provide notes, extra learning material, and practice questions. I prepare lesson plans and homework according to the needs of my students. I am a passionate and hardworking teacher. I can assist you with assignments and exam preparation. I want to help you build confidence in your math skills. Schedule a lesson with me so we can talk about your goals and how I can help you achieve them. I love meeting new people and will be happy to have you.

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Subjects: ACT Math, AP Calculus AB/BC, Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Applied Mathematics, Calculus, Elementary Math, Geometry, Integral Calculus, Math, Math/Science, Multivariable Calculus, Pre-Calculus, Trigonometry

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CAD $45/hr

14 years of tutoring

English, French, Persian

Longueuil, Canada

Reza G.


University of Sherbrooke, University of Manitoba, Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan University of technology

First Rank Math Tutor: University, College, High school Math

Availability: Thursday, Friday and Saturday 9am-11pm. There are a few important points to keep in mind: 1) Bookings should be made at least 24h in advance. 2) The tutorocean app can facilitate effective communication. 3) You are required to use a PC and firefox or chrome as your browser for live sessions. Live lessons may not work on a Macbook, Chromebook, cell phone, or tablet. The teaching sessions are conducted through tutorocean's screen-sharing feature. After each session, you will receive a copy of my notes. You will find a sample of my live lesson notes further down the page. The whiteboard can also be used if you prefer to solve questions while I monitor and correct your mistakes or provide assistance if necessary. Bio: I earned my doctorate in mathematics from the Univ. of Sherbrooke in Quebec in the field of combinatorial dynamical systems. I received my Master's degree in mathematics from the Univ. of Manitoba with a concentration in functional analysis. Additionally, I hold a BSc and a MSc in pure mathematics with a concentration in modern algebra from the Isfahan Univ. of Technology in Iran. As a lecturer, a teaching assistant, and a mentor, I have taught mathematics to countless students, and I understand the importance of mentorship in the success of students. I have taught mathematics at the universities of Manitoba, Sherbrooke, Saint Boniface, and New Brunswick throughout my career. Since 2010, I have been tutoring and teaching math both in-person and online to students ranging from high school to university graduate level. My students come from all over the world, including China, Hong Kong, Europe, the Middle East, North America, and so on. I have gained valuable teaching experience by helping numerous students with a wide range of math backgrounds.

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Subjects: Abstract Algebra, Algebra, Calculus, Complex analysis, Differential Equations, Discrete Math, Integral Calculus, Linear Algebra, Multivariable Calculus, Number Theory, Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations, Real Analysis, Topology

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CAD $50/hr

8 years of tutoring

Enlglish , Spanish

Vancouver, Canada

Julian M.

Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Simon Fraser University

Experienced Math and Socials Tutor

I graduated from Kwantlen Polytechnic University specializing in math and social studies. I also attended Simon Fraser University where I received a Bachelor of Education after completing the Professional Development Program. While at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, I worked as a senior math and history tutor. I now work as a Mathematics and Social Studies Teacher. I am also currently working as a senior math tutor at a Learning Center. Along with all of this, I have recently taken on a few courses to fulfill my requirements for the BC Post-Grad Certificate - Mathematics Education at Queens University. Send me a message anytime!

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Subjects: Algebra, Math, Pre-Calculus, Social Studies, Spanish

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USD $25/hr

10 years of tutoring


Tampa, United States

Val M.

Texas A&M University, Kingsville

Algebra and Calculus

I can tutor any Algebra and Calculus courses.

Subjects: Algebra, Calculus, Math, Pre-Algebra, Pre-Calculus, Trigonometry

Ernest's photo

CAD $20/hr

1 year of tutoring


Toronto, Canada

Ernest D.

Centennial College, University of Salford

Passionate about numbers and the physical universe

I love mathematics and how it relates to the physical universe and as such I can formulate models by linking variables , exploring new methods of solving arithmetic problems and teaching others

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Subjects: Calculus, Differential Equations, Math, Physics (Fluid Mechanics), Pre-Calculus


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