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USD $20/hr

20 years of tutoring

English, Urdu, Punjabi

Lahore, Pakistan

Samina P.

University of Agriculture, Faislabad, Pakistan, University of Agriculture, Faislabad, Pakistan, University of Agriculture, Faislabad, Pakistan, University of Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan

20 years of teaching Biology,Biochemistry, Biological Sciences & Nutrition

I am Professional in exploring theories, making Concepts and elaborating complex reactions in biological and living systems. I have a passion for revealing and sharing the vast concepts of biology, biochemistry, biological sciences, ecology and nutrition to enhance understanding of mechanisms behind the unique makeup of life and living matter. I would love to share this with you! If want to learn more about pathways, systems, reactions and mechanisms for in-depth understanding come & join my classroom soon

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Subjects: AP Biology, Biochemistry, Biology, High School Science, IB Sciences, IGCSE, MCAT, Middle School Science, Nutrition, SAT II Biology E/M, Science

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USD $12/hr

3 years of tutoring

English, Urdu

Dera Ismail Khan, Pakistan

Asfand Y.

National University of Science And Technology

Learn Physics, Chemistry and Biology with professional Professor.

As someone with expertise in the fields of physics, chemistry, and biology, I am confident in my ability to teach you these subjects. With three years of experience under my belt, I have developed a deep understanding of the fundamental concepts and principles that govern these subjects. In physics, I am well-versed in the laws of motion, thermodynamics, electromagnetism, and more. I can help you understand the basics of these topics and how they relate to the world around us. Whether you are struggling with mechanics or trying to master quantum mechanics, I am here to guide you through it. In chemistry, I have extensive knowledge of chemical reactions, thermodynamics, and the behavior of molecules and more. I can help you understand the periodic table and how to balance chemical equations. Whether you are studying organic or inorganic chemistry, I can provide you with the tools you need to succeed. In biology, I have a strong background in genetics, ecology, and cellular biology. I can help you understand the complexities of living organisms and their interactions with the environment. Whether you are studying plant biology, animal behavior, or microbiology, I am here to help. Overall, with my broad range of knowledge and experience in physics, chemistry, and biology, I am confident that I can help you develop a deep understanding of these subjects and achieve your academic goals.

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Subjects: AP Chemistry, AP Physics, Advanced Physics (Special Relativity), Astrophysics, Biology, Chemistry, Nuclear Physics, Physics, Physics (Electricity and Magnetism), Physics (Fluid Mechanics), Physics (Heat Transfer), Physics (Newtonian Mechanics), Physics (Thermodynamics), Physics (Waves and Optics), physics 30

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CAD $40/hr

8 years of tutoring

English, Arabic, French

Ottawa, Canada

Ahmad A.

Carleton University, Lebanese University

Certified Canadian Biology, Chemistry (Organic and General), Biochemistry, and Physics Tutor

I am an enthusiastic science community leader and I am passionate about helping you achieve your goals. I recognize that every student's long and short-term goals can be unique. I am here to help - whether your goal is to score high on an exam or improve your overall scientific skills. I believe that through hard work and grit students can achieve their full potential in spite of any obstacles that may come along the way!

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Subjects: Applied Mathematics, Arabic, Biology, Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, MCAT, Mental Health, Neuroscience, Organic Chemistry, Physics

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USD $40/hr

5 years of tutoring

English, Tagalog

Dunedin, New Zealand

Elena C.

University Of Otago, St Mary's College, University of Otago, University of Otago

Enthusiastic Tutor

Hi there, I am currently a Ph.D candidate at the University of Otago whose main area of research is looking at proteins of the heart and their role in heart failure. I have experience in teaching NCEA levels 1 -3 in biology, and I can teach up to graduate level in Anatomy or Physiology. I enjoy writing reports, and essays and am happy to provide any proofreading of any writing material. I have first-hand experience in NCEA, but can be adaptable to other forms of examinations such as international baccalaureate (IB) and IGCSE (GSCE). My tutoring style is focused more on concepts rather than fact memorization, which has been proven to be more useful in exam settings.

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Subjects: Anatomy, Biology, Guitar, Physiology, Religious Studies, Study Skills, Test Prep, Time Management, Voice, elementary math, proofreading

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USD $20/hr

8 years of tutoring


Ikorodu, Nigeria


University of Agriculture Makurdi, University of Agriculture Makurdi

Certified Biology Tutor

Hi everyone! I am Taiwo Ajayi, a full time Biology and Science personal tutor and I'm passionate about my work. I have a degree in Microbiology from the University of Ilorin, Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Science Education) and Master’s degree in Medical Microbiology both from the University of Agriculture Makurdi. I have many hours of paid tutoring experience (tutoring Biology and Science at all academic levels). In addition, I also have extensive experience with university students of all academic levels and abilities as well as a good working knowledge and experience of university marking and assessment systems. My method of tutoring greatly helps a student understand their subject and gives them the confidence needed to excel and succeed in their studies. I love to stimulate children's curiosity in the world through science and take great pleasure in tutoring and encouraging critical and creative thinking. I make sure that I thoroughly read through the exam specifications for each subject that I am tutoring. Due to my extensive knowledge in biology and medical sciences, I don't mind which subject we cover on a day. I make sure that I spend the most time covering the topics that the students is actually struggling with, which is the most efficient way of helping the students reach their personal goal and beyond. So, kindly book a lesson with me to find out my potential. Thank you and see you in class.

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Subjects: A-Levels, AP Biology, Analytical Epidemiology, Anatomy, Biochemistry, Biology, Biomedical Science, Epidemiology, Health and Medicine, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Pathology, Public Health, SAT II Biology E/M, Zoology

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USD $10/hr

20 years of tutoring

Urdu, Punjabi, English

Karachi, Pakistan

Sadaf T.


University of Karachi, Pakistan, Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad, Pakistan.

certified Biology Tutor with 20 years of experience.

Regards . I am a Pakistani Biology teacher. I love to teach biology in interesting and engaging manner. my main focus is on clarification of concepts of laws of nature and life. I use reasoning questions so that students can think and can solve any problem given to them. I love nature and try to explore environment and flora & fauna of my surroundings. I take interest in all biological phenomena around me and try not to disturb balance of ecosystem set after millions of years of natural selection.

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Subjects: A-Levels, AP Biology, AP Environmental Science, Basic Chemistry, Biology, Botany, Environmental Science, Genetics, Human Ecology, MCAT, Middle School Science, Physiology, Urdu, Zoology

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USD $25/hr

4 years of tutoring

English, Arabic

Giza, Egypt

Ahmed F.


October 6 university, Zewail City of science and technology

A Medical doctor at final year of MBBS with 4 years experience teaching biology and medical Subjects

My students are my reflection so I give all myself to teaching, that's how much I'm passionate about tutoring Biology. ** to all new students first 15 mins is a free video chat to get to know each other** Hey, My name is Dr.Ahmed, medical student at my final year of medical school i have over 4 years of experience teaching biology and related subjects and preparing you for exams I will teach you: BIOLOGY, ANATOMY, PHYSIOLOGY, PHARMACOLOGY, Pathology, and ALL OTHER MEDICAL SUBJECTS. I have experience of more than 4 years of tutoring basic sciences and medicine subjects. MY Tutoring Skills INCLUDE TEACHING: BIOLOGY SCIENCE ANATOMY PHARMACOLOGY PHYSIOLOGY MICROBIOLOGY PATHOLOGY IMMUNOLOGY CELL GENETICS CELL BIOLOGY MOLECULAR BIOLOGY INTERNAL MEDICINE PEDIATRICS My tutoring skills include 1-1 personalized learning sessions, i won't leave you until you have great grasp of the concept RESUME:- 🔴 Medical Doctor in the final year of MBBS resident at Kasr Alainy hospitals Egypt 🏥 🔴Tutor of Biology for all grades and in both languages Native Arabic and Fluent English. 🔴Explaining biology 3rd secondary for Thanawya amma, IG, American, international 🔴Explaining the field of Medicine such as anatomy, histology, Biochemistry, and internal medicine Available 24/7 for your business inquiries

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Subjects: AP Biology, AP Calculus AB/BC, AP Chemistry, Anatomy, Arabic, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, English, MCAT, Medicine, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, SAT II Biology E/M

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USD $35/hr

2 years of tutoring


Washington, United States

Anya S.

Georgetown University

Enthusiastic Biology and Math Tutor

Hello everyone! I am a recent Georgetown University graduate with my Bachelor's of Science in Human Science. I will be tutoring grade 6/7/8 biology, AP-level biology, and elementary math / pre-algebra. I have 2 years of previous experience tutoring middle-school kids and working in a molecular cell biology laboratory. My lesson plans will consist of detailed lecture content review, homework assignment review, and personalized quizzes/worksheets I will provide. I believe fostering a supportive and open environment with students is the key to success. I am patient, organized, and excited to support the learning experience of my students! If you think we would be a good fit, send me a message and we can do a short introductory video session to get to know each other before starting our tutoring! I'm looking forward to working with you!

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Subjects: AP Biology, Biology, Elementary Math, Elementary Science, Pre-Algebra

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USD $30/hr

1 year of tutoring

Tagalog, English, Hiligaynon

La carlota city, Philippines

Rits Dhian R.

West Visayas State University

General Biology, Biotechnology, Biochemistry

I am currently working as a senior high school General Biology teacher. I have done internships at renowned biotechnology laboratories in the Philippines such as the DNA Barcoding laboratory and the UPV-NIMBB Laboratory.

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Subjects: Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry

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CAD $15/hr

0.5 year of tutoring

Bengali, English, Hindi

Edmonton, Canada

Adnan S.

University of Alberta

I'll help you with High school and University Biology

Biology was my favorite subject in high school and I achieved A* in both my O Levels (grades 9,10) and A Levels (grades 11,12) Biology. Currently being a second year Neuroscience Honors student at the University of Alberta, I've studied numerous biological concepts in a lot of depth and my first year GPA was 3.8, with an A in Biology 107. Now, I'd be more than happy to help you ace your exams. Looking forward to meeting you!

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Subjects: Biology

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