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USD $30/hr

3 years of tutoring

English, English

Chākan, India

Sh G.


BVDU, University of Pune, IIT Kanpur

Passionate and Friendly tutor in Python Programming, Science and Quants

I have completed a double masters in the field of biology. I have experience in matlab, linux(bash scripting). I have previously tutored students and have helped in identifying and addressing their issues. I am aware that one size does not fit all and therefore strive to help each individual in a way that best suits their needs. As a teaching assistant I have helped students in python programming. I am a patient and approachable person and would love to help you reach your full potential. I will offer you full support and guidance in understanding your course material in full details. This will strength your foundations in your course. Do not hesitate to reach out to me. I will help and discuss with you how you can achieve the best possible grades

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Subjects: Basic Chemistry, Computer Science, Maths, Python

KENAZ's photo

CAD $20/hr

4 years of tutoring

English, Hindi

Milton, Canada


University of Pune, University of Pune, University of Pune

Teacher with international experience conducting classes in and around Milton

My teaching methodology revolves strongly around making real-life connections and incorporating cross-curricular links. My students always know what they were learning, why they were learning it and how it applied to life beyond the classroom. My students feel engaged as the content they study is purposeful and helps them solve problems outside the classroom.

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Subjects: Basic Chemistry, Biology, Elementary Science, Environmental Science, Microbiology, Physical Science, Physics

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